Villagers of Plumcake

Here they are: the families of Plumcake :)

The Grunt pig family:

Father: Michael Grunt
Mother: Margaret Grunt
Sister: Maisie Grunt
Brother: Mickey Grunt
Baby triplets: Millie, Milo and Milton Grunt

Mr. Grunt is a builder, his wife leads the nursery. They moved to Plumcake a year ago, in 2011, and now they have important role in the life of the city.

The Chocolate rabbit family:

Father: Charles Chocolate
Mother: Charlotte Chocolate
Older sister: Chelsea Chocolate
Sister: Christiana Chocolate
Baby girl: Cherry Chocolate
Grandfather: Charlton Chocolate
Grandmother: Chantal Chocolate

Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate are the best pastry chefs in Plumcake, they run the Chocolate Patisserie. Chelsea is talented in sewing, she has a little dress shop, the Chelsea's Boutique.

The Periwinkle-(Butterglove-)Cottontail rabbit family: 

Father: Zachary Periwinkle
Mother: Zelda Periwinkle (born Butterglove, adopted daughter of the Cottontail grandparents)
Sister: Zara Periwinkle
Baby twins: Zoya and Zentaro Periwinkle
Grandfather: Zed Periwinkle
Grandfather 2: Yul Cottontail
Grandmother: Yvonne Cottontail

Mr. and Mrs. Periwinkle both run shops: Zachary has a furniture store and Zelda sells souvenirs, books, toys, stationery and decor. The Cottontail grandparents arrived to help with the twins but they decided to stay in Plumcake.

Zachary has a cousin in Riverside, named James Periwinkle. James runs the water mill bakery there with her wife, Julie, they have a little daughter, Jemima.

The Dante (-Golightly) cat family:

Father: Kristopher Dante
Mother: Kate Dante
Baby girl: Annabel Dante
Baby boy: Kevin Dante

Kristopher and Kate are teachers. Kate is also the leader of the Plumcake Child Band.

The Beagle dog family: 

Father: Thomas Beagle
Mother: Tallulah Beagle
Brother: Theodore (Teddy) Beagle
Baby boy: Timothy (Timmy) Beagle
The baby twins: Taffy and Tessy Beagle

Thomas is a fireman, his wife runs a tea shop named Tallulah's Teahouse.

The Wildwood rabbit family:

Father: Robert Wildwood
Mother: Ramona Wildwood
Older brother: Roger Wildwood
Sister: Rose Wildwood
Grandmother: Roxanne Wildwood

Mr. Wildwood is the mayor of Plumcake. His family founded the village long time ago. Ramona is a famous writer, she works at home. Roxanne, as every Wildwood granny is the chairwoman of the Plumcake Beautification Association (PBA). Roger's hobby is photograpy, he would like to open a studio.

The Petite bear family: 

Father: Dr. Neville Petite
Mother: Nathalie Petite
Sister: Nanette Petite
Baby girl: Ninon Petite

Neville Petite is the doctor and Nathalie is a health visitor but helps her husband as a nurse, too.

The Bamboo bear family: 

Uncle: Bamboo Sifu
Mother: Xiang Bamboo
Baby boy: Xiao Bamboo

Bamboo Sifu is a Shaolin warrior monk. He lives in Plumcake with his sister, Xiang and nephew and student, Xiao. Mrs. Xiang is a taiji teacher.

The Norland (-Brown Mouse-Norwood) mouse family:

Father: Ulysses Norland
Mother: Urania Norland
Sister twin1: Unity Norland
Sister twin2: Umika Norland
Baby twins: Ugo and Uba Norland

Ulysses and Urania run the Norland Grocery Store in Plumcake. Their twin daughters like to help them in the store.

The Appleblossom (- Walnut) squirrel family:

Father: Peter Appleblossom
Mother: Penelope Appleblossom
Sister: Pepper Appleblossom
Brother: Patrick Walnut
Baby girl: Pandora Walnut

Peter and Penelope are the bakers in Plumcake. They run the Water Mill Bakery.

The Amberstone (yellow) bear family:

Father: Nelson Amberstone
Mother: Noriko Amberstone
Sister: Nora Amberstone
Brother: Norman Amberstone

Nelson is a beekeeper. He sells honey with the help of the Norland Grocery Store. Noriko is a beautician, she makes honey face and body creams, facial masks, everything that a Sylvanian lady could wish for..

The Renard fox family: 

Father: Grant Renard
Mother: Grace Renard
Brother: Gus Renard
Sister: Gloria Renard

Grace works in the post office and Grant works as a bus driver.

The Truffle wild boar couple:

Uncle: Mortimer Truffle
Aunt: Molly Truffle

Uncle Mortimer is a forester. His wife, Molly collects and sells herbals. Molly is the cousin of Margaret Grunt, and the Truffle's are also the godparents of the five Grunt children!

The Ladies:

Mother: Celia Macavity

Auntie: Blanche Buttercup

Celia is the owner of a pet shop and Blanche runs the vegetable stand.

The Brighteyes siblings:

Sister: Yasmine Brighteyes
Brother: Yamal Brighteyes

The Brighteyes siblings are the other grandchildren of the Cottontail grandparents. Their mother was the older sister of Mrs. Zelda Periwinkle. Yasmine is a hairdresser student, and Yamal wants to be a journalist.

The Bullrush frog twins:

Brother: William (Willie) Bullrush
Sister: Wendy Bullrush

The boys:

Brother: Jens Polarstar
Brother: Colin Hoppinset

The girls: 

Sister: Isabel Darwin
Baby girl: Sadie Bramble
Baby girl: Zilly Whiskers

Last but not least
The Flappers family (Simba Barenwald):

Mother: Flora Flappers
Brother: Felix Flappers

Flora has a flower shop in Plumcake.

Some handsome young men: 

Yorick Wayfarer

Yorick is a casual worker in Plumcake. He loves his freedom and lives in a caravan. 

Bud Barley 

Bud is a blacksmith. He was the pen pal of Miss Buttercup from their childhood.  

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  1. This is great!
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    1. :D
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  2. I love how you have mixed families!
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    1. Thank You, Aaron! :)
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  3. I love your village! It keeps growing more and more - can't wait for more stories from our favourite Bull, Mr. Barley! :-)

  4. You got some very lovely families ^^