2012. december 23., vasárnap

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve. The Renard Family got together in the living room, in front of the huge and wonderfully decorated tree and they are singing Christmas carols.

They are giving big hugs each other.

Mrs. Renard: Merry Christmas, Gus!
Gus: Merry Christmas, Mum!
Mr. Renard: Merry Christmas, Gloria!
Gloria: Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Partents and siblings are giving hugs and kisses.
Mr. Renard: It is time to open our gifts, children!

Mrs. Renard: Gloria, this is your gift.
Gloria: Ahh, a Helloy Kitty doll! My first one! Thanks a lot!
Mr. Renard: And here there is another package for you.
Gloria: Two books from my favorite writer! It is great!

Mr. Renard: Gus, this is yours.
Gus: I can't believe it! A real turtle! And he has a house, too!
Mrs. Renard: There is turtle food in the jar. Take care of your turtle.
Gus: I will, I promise! Thank you very much!!
Gloria: What will be his name?
Gus: I will call him Franklin.

Mr. Renard: And this is for you, Honey!
Mrs. Renard: What a beautiful hat! I love it so much!
Mr. Renard: You are beautiful!

Mrs. Renard: And this is for the best husband!
Mr. Renard: Oh, a toaster! What I always wanted!
Mrs. Renard: Merry Christmas, Darling!
Mr. Renard: Merry Christmas my Sweetheart! 

Gus: This is for you, daddy!
Gloria: Your favorite coffee!
Mr. Renard: In a decorative glass jar. Thank you, children!
Mrs. Renard (laughing): Now you can begin the chilly days with a mug of hot coffee and toast!

Gloria: And this is for you, Mommy!
Gus: Just open it!

Gus: A bottle of perfume!
Mrs. Renard: I love it, thank you, my dear! Now, the dinner is ready. Come and sit down!

Mr. Renard: Mmmm... It smells delicious!
Gus: My favorite fish!
Gloria: And my favorite cake!
Mrs. Renard: Bon appetite!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To be continued... :)

2012. november 30., péntek

Miss Buttercup's Pen Pal

On the last day of November Mrs. Renard was alone in the post office. She used the new stamp of Plumcake: it was purple and formed a tiny muffin like on the flag of the village. Suddenly she heard something noisy.
Miss Buttercup run into the office. 
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Blanche! How are you? Is everything all right? 
Miss Buttercup: Hello, Grace! I am so excited! 
Mrs. Renard: What happened? 
Miss Buttercup: You know, I have an old friend, a pen pal. We met when we were little children. And today, he comes to meet again!
Mrs. Renard: So this will be the second time? Fantastic news!
Miss Buttercup: Because your husband is the driver, I came to ask you when the bus arrives?
Mrs. Renard: It will arrive in ten minutes. Grant will come here to go home together.
Miss Buttercup: So I have to go now! Bye-bye!
Mrs. Renard: Bye, Blanche! Have a nice afternoon!

Miss Buttercup was hiding in the bushes at the station when the bus arrived. She was a bit jumpy. There were many villagers but just one of them a stranger. A young bull got off last. He brought a bunch of flowers.

Miss Buttercup: Bud! Bud Barley! Welcome to Plumcake! Nice to meet you again!
Mr. Barley: Blanche? Blanche Buttercup? Hello, nice to meet you! Here, this is for you.
Miss Buttercup: Thank you, Bud! Beautiful flowers!
Mr. Barley: You are beautiful, too... Er... I mean... I hardly recognise you. 
Miss Buttercup: It was fifteen years ago, do you remember? 
Mr. Barley: You can not forget.
Miss Buttercup: Shall we go? I will show you my home.
Mr. Barley: That will be great!

And they went to Miss Buttercup's little cottage near the woods. Blanche made a cup of tea and they took place in the tiny living room.

Miss Buttercup: This is my favorite room in the cottage. I know it is a little bit girly... But I hope you don't mind.
Mr. Barley: It is really cosy. To tell the truth strawberry is my favorite fruit, too.

Miss Buttercup: In that case you will love this strawberry cake! It is from the Chocolate Patisserie.
Mr. Barley: Delicious! I must go there once.
Miss Buttercup: How long can you stay here in Plumcake? I would show you everything if you would like!
Mr. Barley: I reserved a room in a hotel near here, so I think I can stay a few days.
Miss Buttercup: Great news! I am so happy to see you!
Mr. Barley: Me, too! I expected a funny little girl with huge bows on her ears and what I see now is a pretty young lady!
Miss Buttercup: Oh, I am blushing... And you are no longer that little boy in his Indian headdress with many long colourful feathers...
Mr. Barley (smiling): I think I will have a wonderful week here!

They just talked and talked... And they were very happy together.

To be continued... :)

2012. október 21., vasárnap

A Busy Day

It was early in the morning. Mrs. Grace Renard opened the renovated post office and went to care for the plants.

The first customer arrived soon.
Mrs. Renard: Good morning, Blanche!
Miss Buttercup: Good morning, Grace! I have a letter for my friend. I would like to send it with priority.
Mrs. Renard: It will arrive tomorrow.
Miss Buttercup: That is great. I would like to buy some envelopes, too.
Mrs. Renard: Here they are.
Miss Buttercup: Thank you! Come and see my fresh vegetables after work. I have some sweet grapes for you.
Mrs. Renard: My favorite! Thank you, Blanche, I will go in the evening. 
Miss Buttercup: See you later!

Mrs. Appleblossom was the second, she came with her daughter, Pepper.
Mrs. Appleblossom: Good morning, Grace! I have an urgent letter for the orpanage. I hope the adoption procedure is over and we can bring our new baby daughter home in a few days.
Mrs. Renard: Patrick will be happy to see his little sister again!
Mrs. Appleblossom: Yes, he is very excited! Oh, Grace, we will be so happy then!
Mrs. Renard: I wish you all the best for the future, Pandora.
Mrs. Appleblossom: Thank you, Grace! Good bye!

The next was Mickey Grunt. He would like to buy some stamps for his mother and some others for his collection.
Mrs. Renard: Here there are your stamps, Mickey.
Mickey: Thank you, Mrs. Renard! And I have a question, too: I am looking for a stamp with a blue ship. Is it available here?

Mrs. Renard: Do you mean Bluenose the blue schooner? I am sorry you can't buy it here. But if you want you can do an advertisement on the bulletin board. Maybe someone who is willing to sell the stamp from his collection will see it.
Mickey: Thank you, Mrs. Renard! It is a great idea!

 After a long and busy day Grace closed the windows... and the post office.

She had to go to buy some food for dinner.

First she went to the Norland Grocery Store. The owners, the Norland mouse couple welcomed her at the entrance.
Mr. Norland: Good evening, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Good evening!
Mrs. Norland: Good to see you there. We have some new products, take a look!
Mrs. Renard: Thank you, Urania! First I would like to buy a fish can.

Mr. Norland: We have some fresh fish and seafood. And here are tuna fillets in a family sized can.
Mrs. Renard: That is great, thank you.
Mr. Norland: I recommand this tomato sauce, too.
Mrs. Renard: All right, we will taste it!

 Mrs. Renard: Ah, strawberry milk! This is my children's favorite.

Mrs. Norland: Grace, let me intoduce Mrs. Amberstone. She is a beautician and we will sell her creams soon.
Mrs. Amberstone: Nice to meet you. My husband is a beekeeper and I make face and body creams with honey. Mr. and Mrs. Norland are so kind that they help us selling the honey and my makeups.
Mrs. Renard: Nice to meet you, that is great news! But please, call me Grace.
Mrs. Amberstone: My name is Noriko. 

After buying everything Grace went to the gift shop in the left side of the store.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Hello, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Zelda! I see you have new toys.
Mrs. Periwinkle: The Hello Kitty dolls have just arrived. I have some new books and parfumes, too.
Mrs. Renard: I think I will buy a Hello Kitty for my daughter. Christmas is coming!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, it is! We will have a new cargo in a week. Please come back and take a look at the new items, too!
Mrs. Renard: I will, thank you, Zelda. I have to go now. Good bye!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Good bye, Grace!

At last Grace went to Miss Buttercup's Farm Shop.
Miss Buttercup: Hello, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Blanche. Do you have any form that blue grapes?
Miss Buttercup: I saved some for you.
Mrs. Renard: You are so kind, Blanche. I would like some vegetables, too...

Miss Buttercup: So here there are grapes, pumpkins, bananas, some cucumber and a bunch of radish.
Mrs. Renard: All right, I think I have everything now. Thank you, Blanche.
Miss Buttercup: You are welcome. Have a nice evening, Grace!

Mrs. Renard went home. She was tired, because she had a busy day...

To be continued.... :)

2012. szeptember 13., csütörtök

The Happy Family

After the day Peter has met Patrick they went together to the bus stop. Mrs. Appleblossom and her daughter, Pepper went to visit Peter's brother, Christopher Appleblossom in another town, and they promised to come back early in the evening.When they arrived Peter was excited.
Mr. Appleblossom: Penelope, Pepper, I am so happy that you are at home again! The house was so empty without you!
Mrs. Appleblossom: You are so kind, Honey!
Pepper: Uncle Christopher sends his greetings, Daddy... Who is that squirrel boy?
Mr. Appleblossom: He is my new friend, Darling. His name is Patrick Walnut. Go and meet him.

Pepper approached Patrick, and Peter started to tell everything about this boy. First Mrs. Appleblossom couldn't say a word. Tears came into her eyes. Then she became serious.
Mrs. Appleblossom: I don't let him go back into the woods. Never.
Mr. Appleblossom: You have a heart of gold. That is why I fell in love with you.
Mrs. Appleblossom: He must stay with us. We will work harder and try our best. We must adopt his baby sister, too! I always would like to have a new baby...
Mr. Appleblossom: I am so happy now. That is what I want since I met him, too!

Mr. Appleblossom: Patrick, Pepper, come here! Patrick, meet my wife, Penelope.
Patrick: Good evening, Mrs. Appleblossom!
Mrs. Appleblossom: Oh, my son! You are a good little boy, let me give you a kiss... I don't want you to go back to the woods. You and your baby sister will live with us, if you would like it, too.
Patrick: Oh, Mrs. Appleblossom, is it true?
Mrs. Appleblossom: Yes, it is! And please, call me Penelope... I would like to be your new Mommy.
Patrick: I am so happy!
Pepper: Hurray, I will have a younger brother and a younger sister!
Mr. Appleblossom: I hope you will be good siblings.

Everybody was happy. They laughed and chatted until sunset. Then Peter took his new big family home.

To be continued... :)

2012. szeptember 10., hétfő

Peter and Patrick

One day when Peter Appleblossom walked trough the street he saw a poor little boy. He looked tired and his coat was dirty and torn.
Mr. Appleblossom: Hello, my son, are you new here? Can I help you?

Poor boy: Good morning, sir. Could you please tell me where can I find a job?
Mr. Appleblossom: A job??? Where are you from? My name is Peter Appleblossom. I am the baker of Plumcake.
Poor boy: My name is Patrick Walnut. I live in the woods. And I need a job.
Mr. Appleblossom: Why do you want a job?? I think you have to go to school instead.
Patrick: I have a little baby sister, Pandora. We lost our parents, so I need a job to live with her together.

Mr. Appleblossom: My poor son! Where is your little sister now?
Patrick: She is in an orphanage.
Mr. Appleblossom: Come with me. I will help you.

First Mr. Appleblossom took Patrick into the bathroom. Patrick enjoyed the bath very much. 

Then he got a fresh-baked Mickey Mouse-shaped cake. It was really delicious! After that they went to Chelsea's Boutique.
Mr. Appleblossom: Hello, Chelsea!
Chelsea: Hello, Mr. Appleblossom! Who is this handsome young squirrel?
Mr. Appleblossom: He is my new friend, Patrick. We need new pants for him.

Chelsea: Let's see... Ah, here it is! Perfect pants for Patrick!
Mr. Appleblossom: Let's try it!

Chelsea: Oh, it is just the right size!
Mr. Appleblossom: Do you like it my son? 
Patrick: I like it very much, sir! Thank you!
Mr. Appleblossom: Please, just call me Peter.

To be continued... :)

2012. szeptember 8., szombat

Plumcake Beautification Association

One morning Yul Cottontail went out into the garden with a cup of coffee. He was still sleepy.
Grandpa Cottontail: What are you doing here, Sweetheart?
Grandma Cottontail: We have guests today, did you forget it?
Grandpa Cottontail: Oh... I don't remember... Who will come?
Grandma Cottontail: The members of Plumcake Beautification Association!
Grandpa Cottontail: Oh, I know... How can I help you?
Grandma Cottontail: I am almost done. But... you know what? Please pick some tomatoes for lunch.

 Grandpa Cottontail: What a beautiful tomatoe! Yummy!

Grandpa Cottontail: Here there are some tomatoes. And have a cup of tea, Sweetheart, you worked hard.
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you, my Dear! You are the best husband ever!

The first guest has already arrived. 
Miss Buttercup: Good morning, Yvonne!
Grandma Cottontail: Good morning, Blanche! 
Miss Buttercup: Here there are some cabbage you ordered and I brought a compote for our assembly. 
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you so much! 

Everyone was there. They sat down and listened to the chairwoman.
Grandma Wildwood: Good morning everyone. Where are Mrs. Beagle and Mrs. Flappers?
Mrs. Chocolate: Flora went to a garden festival with her flowers. And I heard that the Beagle twins got sick.
Grandma Wildwood: Poor Tallulah! Well... We have two important things to talk about today. First we need some new members.
Mrs. Chocolate: We should invite Mrs. Grunt. She is very talented and always makes beautiful decorations in the nursery school.
Grandma Cottontail: I agree, Charlotte. I think Mrs. Renard would be a perfect member, too. She works hard on our new post office.
Grandma Wildwood: Good idea. What do you think, Blanche?
Miss Buttercup: In my opinion Mrs. Norland could help us a lot, too. She has already told me that they can offer discount prizes when we would like to buy something in their store.
Grandma Wildwood: That is great!

Grandma Wildwood: Now, the second thing: we celebrate the foundation of Plumcake on 22nd September. We need some nice decoration.
Miss Buttercup: We should use the colours of our flag: dark and light purple together.
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, yes, purple ribbons and balloons!
Grandma Cottontail: We need some new plants, too.
Grandma Wildwood: I hope the post office will be ready by then. All right, we will ask our new members for help, too. Our next assembly will be next Saturday in the park and we will see what we can do.

Mrs. Chocolate and Miss Buttercup: Thanks for the breakfast! See you next time!
Grandma Cottontail: Bye, bye!

Grandma Cottontail: If you have time take a look at our new garden. Here are my vegetables.
Grandma Wildwood: Everything is so beautiful! What a handsome scarecrow!
Grandma Cottontail: Yul made it himself!
Grandma Wildwood: Great job! I have to go now but I would like to invite you both for tea on Monday.
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you, we will be there!

To be continued... :)