2012. szeptember 10., hétfő

Peter and Patrick

One day when Peter Appleblossom walked trough the street he saw a poor little boy. He looked tired and his coat was dirty and torn.
Mr. Appleblossom: Hello, my son, are you new here? Can I help you?

Poor boy: Good morning, sir. Could you please tell me where can I find a job?
Mr. Appleblossom: A job??? Where are you from? My name is Peter Appleblossom. I am the baker of Plumcake.
Poor boy: My name is Patrick Walnut. I live in the woods. And I need a job.
Mr. Appleblossom: Why do you want a job?? I think you have to go to school instead.
Patrick: I have a little baby sister, Pandora. We lost our parents, so I need a job to live with her together.

Mr. Appleblossom: My poor son! Where is your little sister now?
Patrick: She is in an orphanage.
Mr. Appleblossom: Come with me. I will help you.

First Mr. Appleblossom took Patrick into the bathroom. Patrick enjoyed the bath very much. 

Then he got a fresh-baked Mickey Mouse-shaped cake. It was really delicious! After that they went to Chelsea's Boutique.
Mr. Appleblossom: Hello, Chelsea!
Chelsea: Hello, Mr. Appleblossom! Who is this handsome young squirrel?
Mr. Appleblossom: He is my new friend, Patrick. We need new pants for him.

Chelsea: Let's see... Ah, here it is! Perfect pants for Patrick!
Mr. Appleblossom: Let's try it!

Chelsea: Oh, it is just the right size!
Mr. Appleblossom: Do you like it my son? 
Patrick: I like it very much, sir! Thank you!
Mr. Appleblossom: Please, just call me Peter.

To be continued... :)

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  1. Your little scenes are adorable! The backgrounds are so colorful and wonderful! xo Jennifer

  2. How sweet!
    Love this story!
    Can't wait for the next instalment!


  3. EXCELLENT story, Bogi! And Patrick is so cute.

  4. Thanks, Nina :) I love my new squirrels! :D