2012. szeptember 8., szombat

Plumcake Beautification Association

One morning Yul Cottontail went out into the garden with a cup of coffee. He was still sleepy.
Grandpa Cottontail: What are you doing here, Sweetheart?
Grandma Cottontail: We have guests today, did you forget it?
Grandpa Cottontail: Oh... I don't remember... Who will come?
Grandma Cottontail: The members of Plumcake Beautification Association!
Grandpa Cottontail: Oh, I know... How can I help you?
Grandma Cottontail: I am almost done. But... you know what? Please pick some tomatoes for lunch.

 Grandpa Cottontail: What a beautiful tomatoe! Yummy!

Grandpa Cottontail: Here there are some tomatoes. And have a cup of tea, Sweetheart, you worked hard.
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you, my Dear! You are the best husband ever!

The first guest has already arrived. 
Miss Buttercup: Good morning, Yvonne!
Grandma Cottontail: Good morning, Blanche! 
Miss Buttercup: Here there are some cabbage you ordered and I brought a compote for our assembly. 
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you so much! 

Everyone was there. They sat down and listened to the chairwoman.
Grandma Wildwood: Good morning everyone. Where are Mrs. Beagle and Mrs. Flappers?
Mrs. Chocolate: Flora went to a garden festival with her flowers. And I heard that the Beagle twins got sick.
Grandma Wildwood: Poor Tallulah! Well... We have two important things to talk about today. First we need some new members.
Mrs. Chocolate: We should invite Mrs. Grunt. She is very talented and always makes beautiful decorations in the nursery school.
Grandma Cottontail: I agree, Charlotte. I think Mrs. Renard would be a perfect member, too. She works hard on our new post office.
Grandma Wildwood: Good idea. What do you think, Blanche?
Miss Buttercup: In my opinion Mrs. Norland could help us a lot, too. She has already told me that they can offer discount prizes when we would like to buy something in their store.
Grandma Wildwood: That is great!

Grandma Wildwood: Now, the second thing: we celebrate the foundation of Plumcake on 22nd September. We need some nice decoration.
Miss Buttercup: We should use the colours of our flag: dark and light purple together.
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, yes, purple ribbons and balloons!
Grandma Cottontail: We need some new plants, too.
Grandma Wildwood: I hope the post office will be ready by then. All right, we will ask our new members for help, too. Our next assembly will be next Saturday in the park and we will see what we can do.

Mrs. Chocolate and Miss Buttercup: Thanks for the breakfast! See you next time!
Grandma Cottontail: Bye, bye!

Grandma Cottontail: If you have time take a look at our new garden. Here are my vegetables.
Grandma Wildwood: Everything is so beautiful! What a handsome scarecrow!
Grandma Cottontail: Yul made it himself!
Grandma Wildwood: Great job! I have to go now but I would like to invite you both for tea on Monday.
Grandma Cottontail: Thank you, we will be there!

To be continued... :)

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  1. Many thanks for the vegetables and flowers, scarecrow, beautiful teapot and cups to my friend in Spain, Cristina!

    Thanks for the cakes to my Hungarian friend, Kata :)

  2. I love this!
    So dante and sweet!
    Can't wait for the next story! :)


  3. I love the title of your story! :-D

    What a pretty strawberry teapot!

    1. Thanks a lot! :) This teapot is my favorite now :)