2012. február 20., hétfő

Cottontail Grandparents

Zara was busy, because her mother's parents: Yvonne and Yul Cottontail decided to visit them. Zara has already known that Mum will have twin babies soon! Grandma and Grandpa would like to help them in the first months.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Well done, Zara, the house is beautiful! Everything is in order. Dad is waiting for Grandma and Grandpa at the bus station.
Zara: I am so excited! Do they bring a gift for me?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Sure!

A bit later the grandparents arrived with big suitcases. They gave big kisses and hugs to Mum and Zara.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Mum, Dad, we are so glad to see you!
Zara: How was your trip?
Grandpa: It was very long, Zara.
Grandma: We are very tired, my dear.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Have a cup of tea!
Grandma: Thank you, my dear! Yul, the presents, please!

Grandpa: Zelda, these flowers are from our garden at home.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, thank you, Dad! My favourite flowers, they are beautiful!

Grandpa: Zac, this is a very good red wine for you.
Mr. Periwinkle: Thank you, Yul! We will taste it together when the babies are born.

Grandpa: And this is yours, Zara.
Zara: Oh, a wonderful little house!
Mrs. Periwinkle: It was my dollhouse, when I was young!
Grandma: Grandpa has repaired and repainted it.
Zara: Thank you so much!
Grandma: Now, tell us how things are going with you, my dear!

They talked all the night, and Zara played with her new dollhouse.

To be continued... :)

2012. február 8., szerda

Tallulah's Teahouse

A new shop has opened in Plumcake: Tallulah's Teahouse! The owner is Mrs. Tallulah Beagle, who sells different kind of teas and pretty porcelain tea sets.

Zelda Periwinkle decided to go there in the afternoon. A cousin from Riverside, Julie Periwinkle asked her to buy a new teapot.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, what a beautiful teapot is in the showcase! I must have it!

Mrs. Periwinkle: Good afternoon, Tallulah!
Mrs. Beagle: Welcome to my little shop, Zelda!
Mrs. Periwinkle: I've just seen this porcelain teapot in the showcase...

Mrs. Beagle: Here you are. It is a very pretty teapot, isn't it?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, I love it! This is my favourite colour! I will buy this one.
Mrs. Beagle: Good choice!
Mrs. Periwinkle: I would like to buy another one for our cousin, Julie.

 Mrs. Beagle: I have more teapots in two different patterns: green leafs and red flowers.

Mrs. Beagle: Which one do you like?
Mrs. Periwinkle: These are beautiful, too! I think Julie prefers the red flower pattern. I hope she will like it! And I would like a box of green tea, cherry and jasmine tea.

Mrs. Beagle: Here you are: two teapots and three boxes of tea. 
Mrs. Periwinkle: Fine!
Mrs. Beagle: Let me help you. My oldest son, Teddy will take home the package for you. 
Mrs. Periwinkle: That is so kind, thank you!

Mrs. Periwinkle: Good bye, Tallulah!
Mrs. Beagle: Good bye, Zelda! Come back soon!

Zelda decided to make a cup of fine jasmine tea in the evening using the beautiful new teapot.

To be continued... :)