2011. szeptember 28., szerda

Changes In Chocolate's Life

Mr. Chocolate: Everything is all right. I paid the price and ordered the transport. 
Mrs. Chocolate: Well, my dear, we can talk with the children now. 

Mrs. Chocolate: Chelsea, Christiana, Cherry, come here! Dad and Mom have to tell you something.

Chelsea: We are here, Mom, and listen.
Christiana: What's new?
Mr. Chocolate: Girls, we have a big surprise for you! We have found a new, bigger home!

Cherry (jumping): Hurray!!!
Christiana: How big is this house?
Mr. Chocolate: It has a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and upstairs two bedrooms. The bigger one is yours, with a little bit separated corner for Chelsea.
Chelsea: Oh, thank you!! It will be cool!

Christiana: I thought that we will have separated rooms...
Mrs. Chocolate: But it is large enaugh for you, darling, you will see!
Mr. Chocolate: And think about, we had just one room so far.
Chelsea: When can we move?
Mr. Chocolate: Next week. If I were you, I would start packing!
Christiana: That's great! I will start it!

Cherry: I am ready!
All laughing :)

To be continued... :)

2011. szeptember 15., csütörtök

A Hard Day

Cherry: I don't want to get up!

I don't want to eat this carrot!

I don't want to go to nursery!

I don't want to go home!

I don't want to take a bath!

I don't want to get out from bath!

I don't want to go to bed!

Mrs. Chocolate: I had a hard day...

Cherry: We had a hard day, Bunny...

2011. szeptember 9., péntek

Meet Zara Periwinkle

A day later Mrs. Grunt asked her daughter for help:

Mrs. Grunt: I have to give back this plate to Mrs. Chocolate. I baked this lemon cake, please, bring it to her!
Maisie: All right, mum.

An hour later, on the way home she passed by a letter box. A young bunny girl came on.

Maisie: Hi!
Bunny: Hi! Are you new there?
Maisie: Yes, we came just yesterday. My name is Maisie Grunt.
Bunny: How are you, Maisie. My name is Zara Periwinkle.
Maisie: Nice to meet you, Zara. I know just the Chocolate's yet. Mrs. Chocolate is a nice woman.
Zara: Yes, she is. Do you know, that she has two older daughter than Cherry? Chelsea and Christiana. But they aren't home at the moment. The younger, Christiana is my classmate. And yours from now, too, of course.
Maisie: I didn't know that. I am glad to know a classmate before school starts.
Zara (with nice smile): Nice to meet you. Do you want to see where our school is?
Maisie: Yes, I do.
Zara: Well, first I have to put this letter in the box.

Zara: My mother wrote it to our cousins to Riverside. Their name is Periwinkle, too. James and Julie work in Water Mill Bakery, and have a cute baby daughter, Jemima. I love her very much!

And she put the letter in.

Zara: Do you know our teachers?
Maisie: No, I don't.
Zara: We have two teachers at school. Mr. Dante teaches maths, chemistry, physics, biology and sport. His wife, Mrs. Dante teaches history, literature, music and arts. Our school is not so big, but good enaugh, I like it.   

Zara: The school is over there.
Maisie: Thank you so much! Let's go.

To be continued... :)

2011. szeptember 8., csütörtök

Tea At The Chocolate's

Mrs. Chocolate invited her new neighbours for tea.

Mrs. Chocolate: I baked some carrot-chocolate cakes, help yourself!
Maisie: Mmmm... It is delicious!

Cherry: Look! Here is my little toy house!
Mrs. Chocolate: All right, darling, lets's play with it!

Mrs. Chocolate: Well... Dear Flora, do you have an idea yet, where your garden shop will be placed?
Mrs. Flappers: No, I don't.

Cherry: Look at me now! Here is my hotel!
Mrs. Chocolate: Good, my dear, let's play with your hotel.
Cherry: And look! Here is my little bunny!... And...

Mrs. Chocolate: My dear, we all see that you have beautiful toys and nice bunny. But we would like to talk about how we can help our guests to begin their new life here. Can you play here silently, please?
Maisie: Let me play with Cherry, Mrs. Chocolate! I always play with my little sister at home.
Cherry: Hurray!
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, you are very kind, thank you, my darling!

Mrs.Chocolate: Oh, excuse me, but where were we? 
Mrs. Flappers: I would like to ask you to show me the possible places for my garden shop.   
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, it's a pleasure, my dear! There are an old little building, waiting for renovation, or you can open it near our pastry shop...
Mrs. Flappers: A pastry shop? What a lovely idea! 
Mrs. Chocolate: And you, my dear Maggie, have certainly lots to do with the nursery school. When does it start? 
Mrs. Grunt: Next week. I am excited. 
Mrs. Chocolate: Let me show you the nursery tomorrow, and then we will see what to do. Cherry starts it in this year, too. 
Mrs. Grunt: Thank you so much, Charlotte!

It was time to go. 

Mrs. Chocolate: Take this cakes to your husband, Felix and Mickey!
Mrs Grunt: What a kind attention! They would love it! 

To be continued! :) 


New villagers arrived at Plumcake. The Chocolate family came to greet them. 

Mr. Chocolate: Welcome here in our little village! My name is Charles Chocolate. She is my wife, Charlotte, and our youngest daughter, Cherry.
Mr. Grunt: Hello, Charles, we have talked by phone, I remember. This is my family and our new familiars, Mrs. Flappers and her son. 
Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate: Welcome, Mrs. Flappers, and Felix! 
Mrs. Flappers: We all thank you to came for us!

Mr. Grunt: Thank you, Charles.
Mr. Chocolate: Not at all, Michael. Let's go for the luggages.
Mr. Grunt: All right! Felix, Mickey, help us, please!

Mrs. Chocolate (to Mrs. Flappers and Mrs. Grunt): I would like to invite you for tea if you are not so tired, until Mr. Grunt and my husband carry the luggages.
Mrs. Flappers and Mrs. Grunt: Thank you!

Mrs. Grunt: Hello, little Cherry! I have a little girl too, at the same age as you.
Cherry: But she is so tall!...
All laughing.
Mrs. Chocolate: No, my dear, she is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Grunt!
Mrs. Grunt: Her name is Maisie. My youngest children will come home next week. 
Mrs. Chocolate: Well, shall we go? We live near here. 
Mrs. Grunt and Mrs. Flappers: All right. 

2011. szeptember 7., szerda

Waiting For The Ship

Mr. Grunt: We are on board within an hour.
Mickey: When do we get Plumcake?
Mr. Grunt: Tomorrow morning, I hope.
Mickey: Wow, then we sleep on the boat!
Maisie: I would like to arrive to Plumcake as soon as possible. I don't like sailing in the night...
Mr. Grunt: Don't worry! It will be a nice trip, you will see.

Mickey: Do you have any brothers or sisters, Felix?
Felix: No, I don't.
Mickey: Maisie and I have three more: two little baby brothers and a little baby sister. They are at our grandparents now, on holiday.
Felix: My grandparents live far away. My father works in Africa, he is a doctor. That's why I travel just with my mother.
Mickey: And what is your mother's job?
Felix: She is a florist. She makes beautiful bunches of flowers! And your parents?
Mickey: My father builds big houses. My mother will be the new leader of the nursery in Plumcake.

Mrs. Grunt: Come on, children! It's time to go. Look, our ship is ready.
Mrs. Flappers: Let's go, Felix. You can continue your conversation on the way.

To be continued... :)

2011. szeptember 5., hétfő

Strange Start

I must begin with a confession: first I thought that I have two Sylvanians from my childhood, a bear mother and brother. But now I have real Sylvanian Families, and I know, the bears were Simba toys...
After all, I love them, too :) So I begin with their story.

One day mother Flora explained her son, Felix, that they have to move to another village called "Plumcake". Mother Flora showed him a ship in the dock: "We will sail with this beautiful ship" she said. Felix was very excited. He could hardly wait. He would like to sail immediately!

Then the day came through, Felix and his mother waited near the bay, because they had plenty of time. Flora sat down to a bench, and asked Felix not to go too far. Felix promised it. Near the place he heard a voice and decided to look after.

Two little pigs were there. Felix came closer. "Hello" said Felix. "Hello" greeted the children curiously. "My name is Felix Flappers. My mother and I are waiting for a ship to sail far away. And you?" asked them. "We are waiting for that ship, too!" answered the boy. "My name is Mickey Grunt, and she is my sister, Maisie. We  move to Plumcake." "We too" told Felix.

They were very happy. "I was afraid that everybody will be strange there, but now we met you, Felix" said Maisie. They became friends soon. After a while mother Flora came. "Felix, where are you?" "I am here, mom, with my new friends!" Mother Flora smiled at them. "How are you, children?" "Good morning, Mrs. Flappers" said Mickey and Maisie. Felix introduced them, and explained that they will live in the same village.

The very moment came the Grunt parents. "Hello, Mrs. Flappers and Felix, we just heard what you told." And Mr. and Mrs. Grunt introduced themselves. Mother Flora, mother Maggie and father Michael were glad. They decided to travel together and hoped that they will be neighbours in Plumcake.

To be continued :)