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New villagers arrived at Plumcake. The Chocolate family came to greet them. 

Mr. Chocolate: Welcome here in our little village! My name is Charles Chocolate. She is my wife, Charlotte, and our youngest daughter, Cherry.
Mr. Grunt: Hello, Charles, we have talked by phone, I remember. This is my family and our new familiars, Mrs. Flappers and her son. 
Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate: Welcome, Mrs. Flappers, and Felix! 
Mrs. Flappers: We all thank you to came for us!

Mr. Grunt: Thank you, Charles.
Mr. Chocolate: Not at all, Michael. Let's go for the luggages.
Mr. Grunt: All right! Felix, Mickey, help us, please!

Mrs. Chocolate (to Mrs. Flappers and Mrs. Grunt): I would like to invite you for tea if you are not so tired, until Mr. Grunt and my husband carry the luggages.
Mrs. Flappers and Mrs. Grunt: Thank you!

Mrs. Grunt: Hello, little Cherry! I have a little girl too, at the same age as you.
Cherry: But she is so tall!...
All laughing.
Mrs. Chocolate: No, my dear, she is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Grunt!
Mrs. Grunt: Her name is Maisie. My youngest children will come home next week. 
Mrs. Chocolate: Well, shall we go? We live near here. 
Mrs. Grunt and Mrs. Flappers: All right. 

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