2011. szeptember 5., hétfő

Strange Start

I must begin with a confession: first I thought that I have two Sylvanians from my childhood, a bear mother and brother. But now I have real Sylvanian Families, and I know, the bears were Simba toys...
After all, I love them, too :) So I begin with their story.

One day mother Flora explained her son, Felix, that they have to move to another village called "Plumcake". Mother Flora showed him a ship in the dock: "We will sail with this beautiful ship" she said. Felix was very excited. He could hardly wait. He would like to sail immediately!

Then the day came through, Felix and his mother waited near the bay, because they had plenty of time. Flora sat down to a bench, and asked Felix not to go too far. Felix promised it. Near the place he heard a voice and decided to look after.

Two little pigs were there. Felix came closer. "Hello" said Felix. "Hello" greeted the children curiously. "My name is Felix Flappers. My mother and I are waiting for a ship to sail far away. And you?" asked them. "We are waiting for that ship, too!" answered the boy. "My name is Mickey Grunt, and she is my sister, Maisie. We  move to Plumcake." "We too" told Felix.

They were very happy. "I was afraid that everybody will be strange there, but now we met you, Felix" said Maisie. They became friends soon. After a while mother Flora came. "Felix, where are you?" "I am here, mom, with my new friends!" Mother Flora smiled at them. "How are you, children?" "Good morning, Mrs. Flappers" said Mickey and Maisie. Felix introduced them, and explained that they will live in the same village.

The very moment came the Grunt parents. "Hello, Mrs. Flappers and Felix, we just heard what you told." And Mr. and Mrs. Grunt introduced themselves. Mother Flora, mother Maggie and father Michael were glad. They decided to travel together and hoped that they will be neighbours in Plumcake.

To be continued :)

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