2011. szeptember 7., szerda

Waiting For The Ship

Mr. Grunt: We are on board within an hour.
Mickey: When do we get Plumcake?
Mr. Grunt: Tomorrow morning, I hope.
Mickey: Wow, then we sleep on the boat!
Maisie: I would like to arrive to Plumcake as soon as possible. I don't like sailing in the night...
Mr. Grunt: Don't worry! It will be a nice trip, you will see.

Mickey: Do you have any brothers or sisters, Felix?
Felix: No, I don't.
Mickey: Maisie and I have three more: two little baby brothers and a little baby sister. They are at our grandparents now, on holiday.
Felix: My grandparents live far away. My father works in Africa, he is a doctor. That's why I travel just with my mother.
Mickey: And what is your mother's job?
Felix: She is a florist. She makes beautiful bunches of flowers! And your parents?
Mickey: My father builds big houses. My mother will be the new leader of the nursery in Plumcake.

Mrs. Grunt: Come on, children! It's time to go. Look, our ship is ready.
Mrs. Flappers: Let's go, Felix. You can continue your conversation on the way.

To be continued... :)

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