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Meet Zara Periwinkle

A day later Mrs. Grunt asked her daughter for help:

Mrs. Grunt: I have to give back this plate to Mrs. Chocolate. I baked this lemon cake, please, bring it to her!
Maisie: All right, mum.

An hour later, on the way home she passed by a letter box. A young bunny girl came on.

Maisie: Hi!
Bunny: Hi! Are you new there?
Maisie: Yes, we came just yesterday. My name is Maisie Grunt.
Bunny: How are you, Maisie. My name is Zara Periwinkle.
Maisie: Nice to meet you, Zara. I know just the Chocolate's yet. Mrs. Chocolate is a nice woman.
Zara: Yes, she is. Do you know, that she has two older daughter than Cherry? Chelsea and Christiana. But they aren't home at the moment. The younger, Christiana is my classmate. And yours from now, too, of course.
Maisie: I didn't know that. I am glad to know a classmate before school starts.
Zara (with nice smile): Nice to meet you. Do you want to see where our school is?
Maisie: Yes, I do.
Zara: Well, first I have to put this letter in the box.

Zara: My mother wrote it to our cousins to Riverside. Their name is Periwinkle, too. James and Julie work in Water Mill Bakery, and have a cute baby daughter, Jemima. I love her very much!

And she put the letter in.

Zara: Do you know our teachers?
Maisie: No, I don't.
Zara: We have two teachers at school. Mr. Dante teaches maths, chemistry, physics, biology and sport. His wife, Mrs. Dante teaches history, literature, music and arts. Our school is not so big, but good enaugh, I like it.   

Zara: The school is over there.
Maisie: Thank you so much! Let's go.

To be continued... :)

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  1. James, Julie and Jemima Periwinkle are the main characters of Nina's blog called "At The Periwinkle's" :)

  2. Hello Kate,

    The Periwinkles of Riverside will be delighted to receive the letter!! Thanks so much!

    I love the three pictures of Zara throwing the letter into the mailbox. That is so cute!

    Regards to Plumcake,