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Tea At The Chocolate's

Mrs. Chocolate invited her new neighbours for tea.

Mrs. Chocolate: I baked some carrot-chocolate cakes, help yourself!
Maisie: Mmmm... It is delicious!

Cherry: Look! Here is my little toy house!
Mrs. Chocolate: All right, darling, lets's play with it!

Mrs. Chocolate: Well... Dear Flora, do you have an idea yet, where your garden shop will be placed?
Mrs. Flappers: No, I don't.

Cherry: Look at me now! Here is my hotel!
Mrs. Chocolate: Good, my dear, let's play with your hotel.
Cherry: And look! Here is my little bunny!... And...

Mrs. Chocolate: My dear, we all see that you have beautiful toys and nice bunny. But we would like to talk about how we can help our guests to begin their new life here. Can you play here silently, please?
Maisie: Let me play with Cherry, Mrs. Chocolate! I always play with my little sister at home.
Cherry: Hurray!
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, you are very kind, thank you, my darling!

Mrs.Chocolate: Oh, excuse me, but where were we? 
Mrs. Flappers: I would like to ask you to show me the possible places for my garden shop.   
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, it's a pleasure, my dear! There are an old little building, waiting for renovation, or you can open it near our pastry shop...
Mrs. Flappers: A pastry shop? What a lovely idea! 
Mrs. Chocolate: And you, my dear Maggie, have certainly lots to do with the nursery school. When does it start? 
Mrs. Grunt: Next week. I am excited. 
Mrs. Chocolate: Let me show you the nursery tomorrow, and then we will see what to do. Cherry starts it in this year, too. 
Mrs. Grunt: Thank you so much, Charlotte!

It was time to go. 

Mrs. Chocolate: Take this cakes to your husband, Felix and Mickey!
Mrs Grunt: What a kind attention! They would love it! 

To be continued! :) 

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