2012. február 8., szerda

Tallulah's Teahouse

A new shop has opened in Plumcake: Tallulah's Teahouse! The owner is Mrs. Tallulah Beagle, who sells different kind of teas and pretty porcelain tea sets.

Zelda Periwinkle decided to go there in the afternoon. A cousin from Riverside, Julie Periwinkle asked her to buy a new teapot.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, what a beautiful teapot is in the showcase! I must have it!

Mrs. Periwinkle: Good afternoon, Tallulah!
Mrs. Beagle: Welcome to my little shop, Zelda!
Mrs. Periwinkle: I've just seen this porcelain teapot in the showcase...

Mrs. Beagle: Here you are. It is a very pretty teapot, isn't it?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, I love it! This is my favourite colour! I will buy this one.
Mrs. Beagle: Good choice!
Mrs. Periwinkle: I would like to buy another one for our cousin, Julie.

 Mrs. Beagle: I have more teapots in two different patterns: green leafs and red flowers.

Mrs. Beagle: Which one do you like?
Mrs. Periwinkle: These are beautiful, too! I think Julie prefers the red flower pattern. I hope she will like it! And I would like a box of green tea, cherry and jasmine tea.

Mrs. Beagle: Here you are: two teapots and three boxes of tea. 
Mrs. Periwinkle: Fine!
Mrs. Beagle: Let me help you. My oldest son, Teddy will take home the package for you. 
Mrs. Periwinkle: That is so kind, thank you!

Mrs. Periwinkle: Good bye, Tallulah!
Mrs. Beagle: Good bye, Zelda! Come back soon!

Zelda decided to make a cup of fine jasmine tea in the evening using the beautiful new teapot.

To be continued... :)

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  1. I love this!
    The teahouse is beautiful!
    I'm glad I'm following you!

  2. Thank You, Rosie, the kind words :)
    I am glad You are following me! :)))

  3. Dear Kate,

    I LOVE your new story. The teahouse is great and I adore the little tea pots. :-) I am sure that Julie will like hers, but don't worry, I won't spoil the surprise. I'll keep quiet about the present until it arrives in Riverside! :-)

    Another thing I like about your story is Zelda's pretty blue cape. :-) The last photo, where it looks like she is walking down a street, is awsome. :-D Did you make the white fence by yourself? It looks really good.

    Best wishes from Riverside!! :-))

    1. Thanks, Nina :) I am glad You like it!

      I bought the fence in a "craft"shop (called here: "Hobby Shop") :)

      Kindest regards from Plumcake :)