2012. január 23., hétfő

Little Creations in Plumcake I.

 Mrs. Kate Dante got a message from Chelsea Chocolate, she invited her into the dress shop. Chelsea's Boutique was very pretty!

Kate: Hello, my dear!
Chelsea: Hello, Kate! Look! I received a package from Madame C, the famous designer of Little Creations!
Kate: Oh, Madame C, my dear friend from far away!
Chelsea: Look, I've got certifications, too!

"Chelsea's Boutique"
Plumcake Village

is an authorized reseller of
Original Hand-made
fashion items for Sylvanians

 Chelsea: Here is another one:

fashion for Sylvanians
Available Here At
"Chelsea's Boutique"
Plumcake Village

Kate: Very nice!

Chelsea: Madame C made me a beautiful yellow gown!
Kate: Wonderful!

Chelsea: And here you are! Madame C made this dress for you!
Kate: Ahh, my pink dream!

Kate: I tried it on when I first met Madame C, but it was semi-finished. It was the day when she gave me the friendship-bracelet as a gift...

Chelsea: You are beautiful! Here are the sandals and headbands, and a pretty pink bag, too!

 Kate: I LOVE it!

 Chelsea: Breathtaking...

 Kate: And with the another sandal and headband?

 Kate: Chelsea, this yellow dress is so charming!

Kate and Chelsea: We are both charming! :)

To be continued... :)

7 megjegyzés:

  1. The fifth photo was taken by Madame C!

    Thank You, my dear friend! :)

  2. They look lovely, Bogi! :-)

  3. They do look breathtaking!
    Well done Madame C and Bogi!

  4. So adorable.. my Sylvanians are a bit jelous now! ;)

  5. See more Madame C model on the following page:
    Little Creations :)

  6. Kate looks so cute in the pink gown! Like a little princess! :-))