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The Happy Family

After the day Peter has met Patrick they went together to the bus stop. Mrs. Appleblossom and her daughter, Pepper went to visit Peter's brother, Christopher Appleblossom in another town, and they promised to come back early in the evening.When they arrived Peter was excited.
Mr. Appleblossom: Penelope, Pepper, I am so happy that you are at home again! The house was so empty without you!
Mrs. Appleblossom: You are so kind, Honey!
Pepper: Uncle Christopher sends his greetings, Daddy... Who is that squirrel boy?
Mr. Appleblossom: He is my new friend, Darling. His name is Patrick Walnut. Go and meet him.

Pepper approached Patrick, and Peter started to tell everything about this boy. First Mrs. Appleblossom couldn't say a word. Tears came into her eyes. Then she became serious.
Mrs. Appleblossom: I don't let him go back into the woods. Never.
Mr. Appleblossom: You have a heart of gold. That is why I fell in love with you.
Mrs. Appleblossom: He must stay with us. We will work harder and try our best. We must adopt his baby sister, too! I always would like to have a new baby...
Mr. Appleblossom: I am so happy now. That is what I want since I met him, too!

Mr. Appleblossom: Patrick, Pepper, come here! Patrick, meet my wife, Penelope.
Patrick: Good evening, Mrs. Appleblossom!
Mrs. Appleblossom: Oh, my son! You are a good little boy, let me give you a kiss... I don't want you to go back to the woods. You and your baby sister will live with us, if you would like it, too.
Patrick: Oh, Mrs. Appleblossom, is it true?
Mrs. Appleblossom: Yes, it is! And please, call me Penelope... I would like to be your new Mommy.
Patrick: I am so happy!
Pepper: Hurray, I will have a younger brother and a younger sister!
Mr. Appleblossom: I hope you will be good siblings.

Everybody was happy. They laughed and chatted until sunset. Then Peter took his new big family home.

To be continued... :)

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  1. Once again, a lovely story with a beautiful ending!
    Great job!


    1. Your welcome. I've awarded you! Go to my latest post titled An Award for more info.


    2. Thanks a lot, Rosie!! I will watch it :)

  2. Your stories and photos are lovely kate and the squirel family is so cute!!
    hugs ♥ vicky ♥

  3. Loved the first story and the follow-up. A heart-warming tale :) Lilianblythe

  4. Hello, Kate!
    Very cute blog and lovely story!
    I love Sylvanian Families, your squirrel family is very very cute!!!
    I started one blog about my Sylvanian Families, but my collection is not big yet! hehehe.
    Hugs from Brazil!!!

    1. Welcome here, Mariana, nice to meet You :)
      Thanks for the nice comment :)
      I wish You many happy moments with Your blog and collection!!

  5. Me ha encantado tu blog, tus fantasticos personajes y esas preciosas historias, enhorabuena por el buen trabajo que haces.
    besitos ascension

    1. ¡muchas gracias

      I am so glad You've found and loved my stories :)

  6. This blog is so cute... I think I'm following it, but I haven't the first clue how to read the language it's in, besides your posts in English! I had Sylvanians as a child, I loved them and wish I still had them. Thank your sharing the pictures and stories about these animals!


    1. Hi Presstoe,

      Thank You so much!!!
      I am from Hungary :) but I see You have managed to follow this blog - I am very glad!
      I was 30 when I bought my first Sylvanian family so it is never too late :D

      Have a nice time in Plumcake! ;)

  7. This post just brought a little smile to me during a lazy, cloudy Sunday morning. You have a real gift for cute settings and stories! :)

    1. Thanks, Mijbil!
      I am happy beause this is all I want: bring a little good feeling to Everyone :)
      (I am working on a new story at the moment :) )

      Many hugs!

  8. I love it so much, can't wait until the next installment!
    Your stories are so sweet, they always bring a smile to my face:)
    Lily xox

  9. Thank You, Lily, I am glad if I can bring You happy moments :)