2012. július 23., hétfő

Claire Fashion Show II.

Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, dear Claire, I am so happy we met! I was not aware of that it was you, when I read the fashion designer was Claire Babblebrook, so it was a big surprise when I realized it was you. 
Mrs. Babblebrook: Oh yes, in the secondary school I was Lendvay, but than I married my dear David.
Mrs Chocolate: Please let me introduce my husband.
Mrs. Babblebrook: Nice to see you.
Mr. Chocolate: Nice to see you, too. I am amazed of your beautiful collection!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Thank you!
Mrs Chocolate: I am very happy you moved to Plumbury, so will be very close together, Plumcake is only a few miles from here. And what a nice saloon you have!

Mrs. Babblebrook: Well, I have just opened it, I still need a few things to finish it. So let us see the dresses! I will fix them in a few minutes so they will fit you perfectly. Meanwhile you can have a look around.

Mrs. Babblebrook: I am ready, you can try it.
Mr. Chocolate: Oh, Honey, you are so beautiful in this! I am so happy, you won these dresses!
Mrs. Chocolate: Yes, it was amazing, I did not even believe it when I had heard my name on the fashion show!
Mr. Chocolate: Mrs. Babblebrook, we are very lucky, that Plumbury has such a talented fashion designer!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Thank you.

 Mrs. Babblebrook: And here is the coat that matches to the dress. 

Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, it is so fine! And still it is very warm!
Mrs. Babblebrook: I am happy you like it!
Mrs. Chocolate: I love it!

Mrs. Babblebrook: I have packed the dresses. Here you are. And I hope you will visit us with the girls. In a few weeks I can show you the first dresses of my new collection.
Mrs. Chocolate: What kind of collection?
Mrs. Babblebrook: It will be a traditional Hungarian dress collection.
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, yes, you are from Hungary!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Yes, indeed. I think you and the girls will love them. Hungarian dresses are amazing!
Mrs. Chocolate: Sure, we come. But you also have to visit us in Plumcake, soon.
Mrs. Babblebrook: Alright, see you soon!

To be continued... :)

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  1. Many thanks for the story, dresses and beautiful background to my dear friend, Claire! :)

  2. Great story!
    Look forward to the next one!


  3. I like Claire's pink dress and necklace. The salon with the antique mirror looks very elegant and as if it were from another time.

    1. Thank You, Nina! The brown outfit was made by my friend, Claire, the pink dress and necklace were made by me :)

      Claire made the salon, too, I think it is so beautiful! :)