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Zachary's Birthday

In her father's birthday Zara Periwinkle went to her mother's shop. 
Zara: Mum, I have pocket money and I would like to buy a present for Dad .
Mrs. Periwinkle: Nice, and what would you like to buy? 
Zara: A flask. He could take it when he goes hiking.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Well, which one would you like? 
Zara: The blue one. 

 Mrs. Periwinkle: Here you are.
Zara: Thank you, Mum!

Zara: I will decorate the dining room with a huge painting. 
Mrs. Periwinkle: All right. See you later.
And she kissed her daughter.

After work Mrs. Periwinkle bought a birthday cake from Mrs. Chocolate and took it home.
Zara's painting was hanged on the wall. It was really beautiful. Zara was a talented girl.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Oh, I forgot the candles! There are just five! What should I do?

Mrs. Periwinkle: I have an idea...

Zara came to the dining room.
Zara: Are you ready, Mum?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, my dear. The room looks beautiful. You are very good at decorating.
Zara: Thank you, Mum... Look, Dad is coming!

Mr. Periwinkle: Hello, my dears! Is this our dining room? It looks fantastic!
Mrs. Periwinkle and Zara: Happy birthday, Dad!!

Mr. Periwinkle: Thank you! Great surprise!
He gave big hugs to Zara and her wife, Zelda.
Zara: Open your present, Daddy!

Mr. Periwinkle: Ah, a flask!
Zara: It's from me, it's from me!
Mr. Periwinkle: Great!

He got a new blue scarf...

...and a warm blue blanket.

Then they went to see the birthday cake.
Mrs. Periwinkle: There are five candles, one from each family members...
Mr. Periwinkle smiled mysteriously. Zara would like to ask what does it mean, because they were just three. She thought the another two are maybe her grandparents...

Then somebody knocked the door.

Mrs. Periwinkle: I'll go and see who is that.
Zara heard a familiar voice. The postman!

Mrs. Periwinkle came back with two packages.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Here you are, a mail from Riverside!
Mr. Periwinkle: My cousins! What a surprise!
Zara: Open it, please, open it!

And Mr. Periwinkle opened the bigger package...

It was a painting from James, Julie and Jemima Periwinkle!
Zara: Look, this is a portrait of little Jemima!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Beautiful!
Mr. Periwinkle: So nice!

The small red package included muffins from the Water Mill Bakery of Riverside.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Here is a letter. I will read it to you.

Dear Zelda, Zachary and Zara,

Thank you so much for your friendly letter! Our family has settled in well, thank you.

Thank you also for your congratulations concerning the bakery! I believe that the person who told you about Hello Kitty Week was our good friend Teresa Babblebrook. When the three of you get this letter, it will be our turn to congratulate YOU, Zachary.
Happy Birthday, dear cousin, we send you all our best wishes!!!

James has made a special present for the three of you. It is a picture of Jemima and her best friend Quackie. Apart from this, I am including another gift from me. I remember how you used to love my vanilla muffins, Zachary! I hope you like them still!

What have you three been up to? How is school and how is work? Please keep us updated on your life!

We hope that all is well in Plumcake and send you our warmest hugs.

                                Julie, James, Jemima and Quackie

Mr. Periwinkle: I am very glad. Zelda, please, send an answer to our dear cousins. It was the best birthday I've ever had!

The vanilla muffins were very appetizing. Zachary, Zelda and Zara couldn't wait to eat them!

To be continued... :)

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