2011. október 30., vasárnap

Autumn trip

Mrs. Kate Dante and Mr. Kristopher Dante decided to hike in the autumn forest with their son, Kevin, and  adopted daughter, Annabel.

Mrs. Dante: Look, how beautiful colours are there! Annabel, can you list the colours of the autumn forest?
Annabel: Yellow, brown and... red!
Mr. Dante: Well done, Annabel!
Mrs. Dante: Let's go and look around. We have a little rest.

Annabel: Mummy, Daddy, look!! I found a hedgehog baby!!! Please, carry him home!
Mrs. Dante: Oh, where is he???

Mrs. Dante: Oh, this isn't a hedgehog baby, honey. It is a nut.

Mrs. Dante: Look!
Annabel: Ohhh.... I hoped we will have an own little hedgehog...

Mr. Dante: Don't be sad! Look, these are like little hats!

Annabel: Daddy, I have a hat!
Mr. and Mrs Dante are laughing.
Mr. Dante: We all can get a hat.

And after the trip they all got one...

Here are more pictures of the hiking:

 Kate with berries

 Funny excursionists

 Mother and daughter

 Daddy and his son

 Leaf hat

 Annabel climbes a "mountain"

It was a great day!

To be continued... :)

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