2011. november 4., péntek

Chelsea's Boutique

Chelsea Chocolate has an own little boutique. She sells clothes, bags and various accessoires. 
This morning she waited her best customer and friend, Mrs. Kate Dante. 

Mrs. Dante: Hello Chelsea!
Chelsea: Hello Kate! Come in, I have a few things for you.

Chelsea: I promised you a pink handbag. It will be in this shelf.

Chelsea: Here you are!
Mrs. Dante: Oh, very pretty! I like the butterfly on it! Thank you! But I would like a new dress, too.
Chelsea: What kind of dress do you wish?
Kate: A cute dress for teaching.

Chelsea: I have a beautiful dark blue dress with white pattern and decoration. It is the right size for you.
Mrs. Dante: All right, I will try it.

Chelsea: You look pretty!
Mrs. Dante: I like it!

Mrs. Dante: It will be perfect!
Chelsea: I am glad.
Mrs. Dante: I would like a second dress for special occasions.
Chelsea: I am waiting for some special gowns and other items. There will be a nice one for you. Please, come back in a week!
Mrs. Dante: Good. Can we go to the theatre then?
Chelsea: Yes, of course.

Mrs. Dante: Thank you so much, Chelsea!
Chelsea: Your welcome! Have a nice day! Bye!
Mrs. Dante: Bye-bye!

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