2011. november 25., péntek

Stranger in Plumcake

One day, when Felix Flappers, Mickey Grunt, Teddy Beagle and Willie Bullrush went out, they found a strange luggage alone at the bus stop. 

Mickey: Where is the owner of this luggage?
Willie: I don't see him...
Felix: What can be in it? It is very big.
Teddy: Let's see!

And they went closer.

Teddy: It is heavy.
Willie: Don't touch it!
Mickey: Look! There comes somebody!
Felix: Run behind the trees!

They hide and looked out curiously.

Felix: Mr. Periwinkle comes with a stranger!
Mickey: They are talking.
Willie: Maybe he is Mr. Periwinkle's friend.
Teddy: I don't think so. It seems only just met.

Teddy were right. The boys heard Mr. Periwinkle when they came to the luggage.

Mr. Periwinkle: ...I hope you will enjoy living there. Let me help you to carry the chest.
Stranger: Thank you.

Teddy: Did You heard his name?
Mickey: No!
Felix: Let's follow him!
Willie: Right! But be careful!

And they followed the Stranger and Mr. Periwinkle. They were very careful, jumped behind trees and the letter box. They didn't know, where they will get...

To be continued... :)

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