2011. december 15., csütörtök

Stranger in Plumcake 2.

Willie, Teddy, Mickey and Felix followed the stranger who has just arrived at Plumcake with a big and heavy luggage! They followed him carefully in order to hide from him. They followed him to the other side of the village,  and stopped before Mr. Periwinkle (who helped the stranger carrying the luggage) said goodbye and went home.

Felix: This is an old wooden house.
Mickey: Is he going to live here?
Teddy: I think so.
Willie: Let's go and see him!

The old wooden door opened suddenly. The stranger looked out and said: Come in!

The guys entered in. The stranger wore orange robe and smiled at them.
Stranger: Welcome to my sanctuary. I noticed that you all followed me.
Willie: Sorry, Mr...
Stranger: I am Bamboo Sifu. I am a shaolin monk. Just call me Sifu. It means Master.

Willie: WOW! A real shaolin!
Teddy: Can you fight?
Bamboo Sifu (smiled): I am a warrior monk, but I don't need fighting.
Felix: What statues!

 Bamboo Sifu: This is the place where I can pray and meditate. This statue is Buddha, a saint. That is Damo, another saint, who brought our religion to China and tought the shaolin monks to became stronger.
Willie: Do you have weapons?
Bamboo Sifu (smiled again): Yes, I have weapons, but they haven't arrived yet.

 Mickey: And what is this chain?
Bamboo Sifu: This is my prayer chain.
Willie: How long...
Bamboo Sifu: It is too late now, your mother might be afraid you are not home yet. Let's go home, and come back to visit me whenever you like. I would be happy if I could tell you more about my religion and the martial art of shaolin.
Willie: Thank you, Sifu! We will come back soon!
Teddy, Felix, Mickey: Thank you, Sifu!
Bamboo Sifu: Amitabha! This is how we say goodbye.

To be continued... :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading the second part of the story. WHAT AN INTERESTING NEW CHARACTER !

  2. Thank You, Nina :) I enjoyed making this new character :)))