2011. november 16., szerda

Chocolate's New Home

One day Zara Periwinkle went to her mother to ask something:
Zara: Mum, what are you doing?
Mrs. Periwinkle: I am writing a letter to our sweet cousins to Riverside.
Zara: Mum, can I go to Christianna's to see their new home?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, of course. Pick up your mantle, please, it is very cold outside!
Zara: Yes, Mum! Bye-bye!

Christianna was waiting for her when Zara arrived.
Christianna: Hi, Zara! Come in quickly!
Zara: Hi! Thank you!

Christianna: I will show you the whole house! My family is out at the moment but I hope we will have fun.
Zara: Sure. Oh, what a big house!
Christianna: Yes, very big! This is our living room. My father likes reading and listening to music there.
Zara: I like this couch with these pillows!

Christianna: This is the kitchen, my mother's favourite place!

Christianna: Look at this wonderful fruit cakes! My mother let us taste it after playing.
Zara: Yummy!

Christianna: This is the bathroom's door. Look at the sign!
(All laughing)

 Christianna: This is the bathroom. My parents still would like to renovate it.

 Christianna: Let's go upstairs!
Zara: I like these stairs!

Christianna: This is my older sister's room. Chelsea just got this sewing machine!
Zara: Nice!

Christianna: This is my bed and my favourite Hello Kitty posters!
Zara: I like Hello Kitty, too!

Christianna: That is Cherry's bed. And this is our sand table. Cherry and I like playing with it. 
Zara: I would like to ask a sand table for Christmas!

Christianna: This is my parent's bedroom.
Zara: It has nice colours.

Christianna: This is my mother's dressing table.
Zara: She has beautiful parfume bottles!
Christianna: So, this is our new home. I like it very much.
Zara: I believe it!
Christianna: Let's play in the children's room!
Zara: Okay!

After playing and eating cakes Zara had to go home.
Zara: Thank you for showing your home!
Christianna: You are welcome!

It was a great day for Zara.

To be continued... :)

8 megjegyzés:

  1. Wonderfully decorated! I love what you've done with the house and the non-Sylvanian furniture fits perfectly! The red bookshelf is my favourite.

  2. Thank You, Pei! :) The red bookshelf is from my childhood! :)

  3. So nice, Bogi! I love how you decorated the house with non Sylvanian items and the total look is stil very SF. Saw you already have the vintage sewing machine! Congratulations on your new items and nice set-up as always!

  4. Thank You, Caryl! Yes, I just got the sewing machine from my sister! :)

  5. Love the new house, Bogi! It's so very fun and eclectic, but comfy too! :-) I love that Hello Kitty finds her way into everything these days, even teeny weeny Sylvanian houses.


  6. Your Periwinkles have hung Jemima's picture on their wall! How nice, Bogi!! :-)) I know the Periwinkles from Riverside are looking forward to their cousin's letter!

    Congratulations on your beautiful house. :-) All the rooms are so very lovingly decorated. :-) My favourite room is Christianna's. I love the red shelf and the Hello Kitty pics. I also like the comfortable parents bedroom. The picture above their bed is stunning. Did you make the pictures and the little plants by yourself?

    Thanks for posting and best wishes to Plumcake. :-)

  7. Thanks, Nina!

    Yes, I made the little plants. :) And I made the picture in the living room, the pillows, the table and "chairs" in the kitchen, the red beds for the girls and the red lamp, the dressing table and the parfume bottles :) The pictures(the big one and the tiny) above the parent's bed were made of Sylvanian prospectus :)

    Please, give our regards to the relatives in Riverside :)