2011. november 18., péntek

At The Plumbury Castle

Near Plumcake Village there is a beautiful building from the middle age called: Plumbury Castle. Mrs. Tallulah Beagle decided to take his son, Theodore and his best friend, Wilfred Bullrush there. 

The boys were very happy. They looked at the castle's great walls and towers.

Fortunately they found somebody who took them a photo at the gate.

Teddy: Look, Willie! It is so exciting!

Willie: This castle is great! Thank You, Mrs. Beagle!
Mrs. Beagle: You are welcome, Willie!

Mrs. Beagle: Look, boys, there is another gate!

Willie: What do you see, Teddy?
Teddy: There! The enemy is coming!
Willie: Where are the swords?

Teddy: Let's close the gate, Sir Willie!
Willie: Okay, Sir Teddy! We will win!

Mrs. Beagle: Okay, boys, enemies are running away!

Teddy: It was great!
Mrs. Beagle: Let's go and look around outside!

Willie: I like this gate very much!

Willie: Look, Teddy, I see something interesting there!

Teddy: What is this?
Willie: It is a battering ram! It was used to break the gate.
Teddy: How strong! I like it.

Mrs. Beagle: I see something more interesting there!

Teddy: What is this, Mum?
Mrs. Beagle: This is a shame hutch. Bad critters were locked up here.

Willie: Don't you afraid to go there? 
Teddy: No, I am brave!

Teddy: Look!
Willie: Let me try it, too, please!

Teddy: Let me out! Let me out!
Mrs. Beagle: Only if you promise that you put your room in order.

Teddy: Okay, I promise...

The boys thought it was a very special day!

To be continued... :)

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  1. Haha! Tricky Mrs. Beagle!! ;-)

    I love how you arranged the leaves and stones around the castle, Bogi. It makes a great scenery. Very realistic!

  2. Thank You, Nina :) I like this castle, but it is not ours :) We lend it from a very kind cousin! I like how it fits for Sylvanians!