2011. november 25., péntek

Stranger in Plumcake

One day, when Felix Flappers, Mickey Grunt, Teddy Beagle and Willie Bullrush went out, they found a strange luggage alone at the bus stop. 

Mickey: Where is the owner of this luggage?
Willie: I don't see him...
Felix: What can be in it? It is very big.
Teddy: Let's see!

And they went closer.

Teddy: It is heavy.
Willie: Don't touch it!
Mickey: Look! There comes somebody!
Felix: Run behind the trees!

They hide and looked out curiously.

Felix: Mr. Periwinkle comes with a stranger!
Mickey: They are talking.
Willie: Maybe he is Mr. Periwinkle's friend.
Teddy: I don't think so. It seems only just met.

Teddy were right. The boys heard Mr. Periwinkle when they came to the luggage.

Mr. Periwinkle: ...I hope you will enjoy living there. Let me help you to carry the chest.
Stranger: Thank you.

Teddy: Did You heard his name?
Mickey: No!
Felix: Let's follow him!
Willie: Right! But be careful!

And they followed the Stranger and Mr. Periwinkle. They were very careful, jumped behind trees and the letter box. They didn't know, where they will get...

To be continued... :)

2011. november 18., péntek

At The Plumbury Castle

Near Plumcake Village there is a beautiful building from the middle age called: Plumbury Castle. Mrs. Tallulah Beagle decided to take his son, Theodore and his best friend, Wilfred Bullrush there. 

The boys were very happy. They looked at the castle's great walls and towers.

Fortunately they found somebody who took them a photo at the gate.

Teddy: Look, Willie! It is so exciting!

Willie: This castle is great! Thank You, Mrs. Beagle!
Mrs. Beagle: You are welcome, Willie!

Mrs. Beagle: Look, boys, there is another gate!

Willie: What do you see, Teddy?
Teddy: There! The enemy is coming!
Willie: Where are the swords?

Teddy: Let's close the gate, Sir Willie!
Willie: Okay, Sir Teddy! We will win!

Mrs. Beagle: Okay, boys, enemies are running away!

Teddy: It was great!
Mrs. Beagle: Let's go and look around outside!

Willie: I like this gate very much!

Willie: Look, Teddy, I see something interesting there!

Teddy: What is this?
Willie: It is a battering ram! It was used to break the gate.
Teddy: How strong! I like it.

Mrs. Beagle: I see something more interesting there!

Teddy: What is this, Mum?
Mrs. Beagle: This is a shame hutch. Bad critters were locked up here.

Willie: Don't you afraid to go there? 
Teddy: No, I am brave!

Teddy: Look!
Willie: Let me try it, too, please!

Teddy: Let me out! Let me out!
Mrs. Beagle: Only if you promise that you put your room in order.

Teddy: Okay, I promise...

The boys thought it was a very special day!

To be continued... :)

2011. november 16., szerda

Chocolate's New Home

One day Zara Periwinkle went to her mother to ask something:
Zara: Mum, what are you doing?
Mrs. Periwinkle: I am writing a letter to our sweet cousins to Riverside.
Zara: Mum, can I go to Christianna's to see their new home?
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, of course. Pick up your mantle, please, it is very cold outside!
Zara: Yes, Mum! Bye-bye!

Christianna was waiting for her when Zara arrived.
Christianna: Hi, Zara! Come in quickly!
Zara: Hi! Thank you!

Christianna: I will show you the whole house! My family is out at the moment but I hope we will have fun.
Zara: Sure. Oh, what a big house!
Christianna: Yes, very big! This is our living room. My father likes reading and listening to music there.
Zara: I like this couch with these pillows!

Christianna: This is the kitchen, my mother's favourite place!

Christianna: Look at this wonderful fruit cakes! My mother let us taste it after playing.
Zara: Yummy!

Christianna: This is the bathroom's door. Look at the sign!
(All laughing)

 Christianna: This is the bathroom. My parents still would like to renovate it.

 Christianna: Let's go upstairs!
Zara: I like these stairs!

Christianna: This is my older sister's room. Chelsea just got this sewing machine!
Zara: Nice!

Christianna: This is my bed and my favourite Hello Kitty posters!
Zara: I like Hello Kitty, too!

Christianna: That is Cherry's bed. And this is our sand table. Cherry and I like playing with it. 
Zara: I would like to ask a sand table for Christmas!

Christianna: This is my parent's bedroom.
Zara: It has nice colours.

Christianna: This is my mother's dressing table.
Zara: She has beautiful parfume bottles!
Christianna: So, this is our new home. I like it very much.
Zara: I believe it!
Christianna: Let's play in the children's room!
Zara: Okay!

After playing and eating cakes Zara had to go home.
Zara: Thank you for showing your home!
Christianna: You are welcome!

It was a great day for Zara.

To be continued... :)

2011. november 4., péntek

Chelsea's Boutique

Chelsea Chocolate has an own little boutique. She sells clothes, bags and various accessoires. 
This morning she waited her best customer and friend, Mrs. Kate Dante. 

Mrs. Dante: Hello Chelsea!
Chelsea: Hello Kate! Come in, I have a few things for you.

Chelsea: I promised you a pink handbag. It will be in this shelf.

Chelsea: Here you are!
Mrs. Dante: Oh, very pretty! I like the butterfly on it! Thank you! But I would like a new dress, too.
Chelsea: What kind of dress do you wish?
Kate: A cute dress for teaching.

Chelsea: I have a beautiful dark blue dress with white pattern and decoration. It is the right size for you.
Mrs. Dante: All right, I will try it.

Chelsea: You look pretty!
Mrs. Dante: I like it!

Mrs. Dante: It will be perfect!
Chelsea: I am glad.
Mrs. Dante: I would like a second dress for special occasions.
Chelsea: I am waiting for some special gowns and other items. There will be a nice one for you. Please, come back in a week!
Mrs. Dante: Good. Can we go to the theatre then?
Chelsea: Yes, of course.

Mrs. Dante: Thank you so much, Chelsea!
Chelsea: Your welcome! Have a nice day! Bye!
Mrs. Dante: Bye-bye!