2012. december 23., vasárnap

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve. The Renard Family got together in the living room, in front of the huge and wonderfully decorated tree and they are singing Christmas carols.

They are giving big hugs each other.

Mrs. Renard: Merry Christmas, Gus!
Gus: Merry Christmas, Mum!
Mr. Renard: Merry Christmas, Gloria!
Gloria: Merry Christmas, Daddy!

Partents and siblings are giving hugs and kisses.
Mr. Renard: It is time to open our gifts, children!

Mrs. Renard: Gloria, this is your gift.
Gloria: Ahh, a Helloy Kitty doll! My first one! Thanks a lot!
Mr. Renard: And here there is another package for you.
Gloria: Two books from my favorite writer! It is great!

Mr. Renard: Gus, this is yours.
Gus: I can't believe it! A real turtle! And he has a house, too!
Mrs. Renard: There is turtle food in the jar. Take care of your turtle.
Gus: I will, I promise! Thank you very much!!
Gloria: What will be his name?
Gus: I will call him Franklin.

Mr. Renard: And this is for you, Honey!
Mrs. Renard: What a beautiful hat! I love it so much!
Mr. Renard: You are beautiful!

Mrs. Renard: And this is for the best husband!
Mr. Renard: Oh, a toaster! What I always wanted!
Mrs. Renard: Merry Christmas, Darling!
Mr. Renard: Merry Christmas my Sweetheart! 

Gus: This is for you, daddy!
Gloria: Your favorite coffee!
Mr. Renard: In a decorative glass jar. Thank you, children!
Mrs. Renard (laughing): Now you can begin the chilly days with a mug of hot coffee and toast!

Gloria: And this is for you, Mommy!
Gus: Just open it!

Gus: A bottle of perfume!
Mrs. Renard: I love it, thank you, my dear! Now, the dinner is ready. Come and sit down!

Mr. Renard: Mmmm... It smells delicious!
Gus: My favorite fish!
Gloria: And my favorite cake!
Mrs. Renard: Bon appetite!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To be continued... :)