2012. augusztus 20., hétfő

Tea With Grace Renard

On a sunny afternoon Grace Renard invited her best friend, Celia Macavity to tea in her garden.
Mrs. Renard: Welcome, Celia!
Mrs. Macavity: I am so happy to see you again, Grace! We haven't met for ages!

Mrs. Renard: Have a cup of forest fruit tea! It is from Tallulah's Teahouse.
Mrs. Macavity: What a beautiful tea set!
Mrs. Renard: This new set was a gift from my cousin, Roxy, she lives in South Africa!
Mrs. Macavity: So nice!

Mrs. Macavity: It is so calm today. Where are your children?
Mrs. Renard: Gloria is on holiday with her friends, and Gus went to canoe tour with Grant.
Mrs. Macavity: Son and daddy on a canoe tour! They must be very sporty.
Mrs. Renard: Oh, yes, this was the dream of my hubby since our son was born.

Mrs. Macavity: Oh, my favorite strawberry cake! Is it from the Chocolate Patisserie?
Mrs. Renard: Of course, they are the area's best pastry chefs!... And your family?
Mrs. Macavity: They are having a rest at home. School begins in two weeks...
Mrs. Renard: The school... Gloria is excited, she would like to be added to the Plumcake Cheerleaders team.
Mrs. Macavity: I am sure, she is so skillful!

Mrs. Macavity: And what about your work?
Mrs. Renard: We have to refurbish the old post office building, than we can move in. The mayor, Mr. Wildwood has comissioned Mr. Grunt to work. And of course I will help him, too.
Mrs. Macavity: Good news! The post office will have the right place!
Mrs. Renard: I think so. It will be much more comfortable! And what about your pet shop?
Mrs. Macavity: We have a little break. I have ordered new furniture from Ginger Valley. New pets will arrive in September.
Mrs. Renard: I can't wait to see them! Gus would like a tortoise for his birthday!
Mrs. Macavity: Good choice!

Mrs. Macavity: It is time to go home now. Thank you for the lovely afternoon, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: You are welcome, Celia. It was a pleasure for me. Please give my regards to your family!

Mrs. Renard gathered up the dishes. "Well, I am going to read a book" she thought.

To be continued... :)