2012. július 29., vasárnap

By the Foot of the Cabbage Hills

Zara's grandparents has a lovely property by the foot of the Cabbage Hills. On a shiny day they decided to spend a weekend there. They traveled by bus than they had a little footpath. When they arrived Grandma and Grandpa looked around. 

Grandma: Look, the corn and potatoes grow nicely.

Grandpa: There are some peas, kohlrabi, onion and other delicious vegetables. 

Zara helped a lot. It was a hard work to pull out the giant radish.

After work Zara played hide-and-seek with Grandpa. She found a perfect place so Grandpa couldn't find her easily. 

Then they took lovely family pictures for Mum and Dad.

Next day they went hiking. It was a long walk to the hills.

They climbed big rocks. The view was fantastic!

They reached a beautiful valley. Zara catch a glimpse of the most wonderful flowers she has ever seen!

Grandma loved them, too! Grandpa took some nice photo there.

In the end of the trip Grandpa gave Grandma a bunch of purple flowers. She was surprised but very happy!

Grandma: It is time to go home now.
They had a wonderful weekend!

To be continued... :)

2012. július 23., hétfő

Claire Fashion Show II.

Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, dear Claire, I am so happy we met! I was not aware of that it was you, when I read the fashion designer was Claire Babblebrook, so it was a big surprise when I realized it was you. 
Mrs. Babblebrook: Oh yes, in the secondary school I was Lendvay, but than I married my dear David.
Mrs Chocolate: Please let me introduce my husband.
Mrs. Babblebrook: Nice to see you.
Mr. Chocolate: Nice to see you, too. I am amazed of your beautiful collection!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Thank you!
Mrs Chocolate: I am very happy you moved to Plumbury, so will be very close together, Plumcake is only a few miles from here. And what a nice saloon you have!

Mrs. Babblebrook: Well, I have just opened it, I still need a few things to finish it. So let us see the dresses! I will fix them in a few minutes so they will fit you perfectly. Meanwhile you can have a look around.

Mrs. Babblebrook: I am ready, you can try it.
Mr. Chocolate: Oh, Honey, you are so beautiful in this! I am so happy, you won these dresses!
Mrs. Chocolate: Yes, it was amazing, I did not even believe it when I had heard my name on the fashion show!
Mr. Chocolate: Mrs. Babblebrook, we are very lucky, that Plumbury has such a talented fashion designer!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Thank you.

 Mrs. Babblebrook: And here is the coat that matches to the dress. 

Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, it is so fine! And still it is very warm!
Mrs. Babblebrook: I am happy you like it!
Mrs. Chocolate: I love it!

Mrs. Babblebrook: I have packed the dresses. Here you are. And I hope you will visit us with the girls. In a few weeks I can show you the first dresses of my new collection.
Mrs. Chocolate: What kind of collection?
Mrs. Babblebrook: It will be a traditional Hungarian dress collection.
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, yes, you are from Hungary!
Mrs. Babblebrook: Yes, indeed. I think you and the girls will love them. Hungarian dresses are amazing!
Mrs. Chocolate: Sure, we come. But you also have to visit us in Plumcake, soon.
Mrs. Babblebrook: Alright, see you soon!

To be continued... :)