2011. december 22., csütörtök

Advent's Merry

A few days before Christmas Mr. Grunt and Mr. Chocolate decided to make a little party for their family and friends. They thought the meadow nearby was the perfect place. Mr. Grunt made a caroussel for the children to play with (he was a talented builder).

Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate brought here tables with lots of cakes and drinks.

And there was a giant Christmas tree with lots of toys!

Mr. Chocolate: Come and play with this beautiful caroussel! Catch the ducks with this stick! The fastest children will win fantasic toys!

Willie: I would like to give it a try, Mr. Chocolate!
Mr. Chocolate: All right, Willie.

Cherry: I would like to try, Annabel, but I am not so good... Come, let's see the toys.

Cherry: Look, Annabel! How cool bicycle!
Annabel: I like it.
Cherry: I want it!
Annabel: You have to catch a duck then.
Cherry: But I can't do that... What should I do?

Cherry: I will ask them for help!
Annabel: Whom???

Cherry: Teddy, would you like to help me please?
Teddy: What can I do for You, Cherry?
Cherry: Please win the bicycle for me!
Teddy: I am sorry Cherry, but I would like to win the little locomotive for my brother, Timmy.
Cherry: Ohhh, all right...

Cherry: Willie, please, help me!
Willie: How can I help?
Cherry: Win the little bicycle for me please!
Willie: I would be so happy to win this bicycle but I am afraid I can't. I am not so fast...
Cherry: Ohhhh... This is very sad... Goodbye little bicycle...

Mrs. Beagle: I am glad to see you here, Bamboo Sifu! What would you like to drink? We have spicey mulled wine.
Bamboo Sifu: I would like to have just a cup of tea, please.
Mrs. Beagle: Here you are.
Bamboo Sifu: Thank you. It is delicious.

Mrs. Dante took care of his little son, Kevin, and the Beagle baby, Timothy.

The Grunt children made a snow pig with Mr. Dante's help.

The bunny girls, Christiana Chocolate and Zara Periwinkle made a snow rabbit!

Mrs. Chocolate: Chelsea, let me intoduce you Mrs. Ramona Wildwood.
Chelsea:  Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wildwood.
Mrs. Wildwood: Nice to meet you, too. This is my son, Roger. We've heard about your boutique and Roger would like to ask something.
Roger: Hello, Chelsea. I will open a photo studio in Plumcake. I would like to ask if you could sew me curtains for background decoration?
Chelsea: I would be so glad to help. Photo studio? That's interesting!
Roger: I am thankful.
Mrs. Chocolate: Chelsea, show Roger our decorations here! Would you be so kind to take photos, Roger?
Roger: Of course, Mrs. Chocolate!

Chelsea: Look at this little house! This is our cutest decoration in this year. Mr. Grunt made it, he is our builder.
Roger: Very nice! I would like to live in a house like that.
Chelsea: Really? So do I...

After a while Mrs. Chocolate met her good friend, Miss Sheila Billabong. They were talking about the party when Mrs. Grunt arrived.

Mrs. Grunt: Hello, Sheila, my dear! Hello, Charlotte! What a funny day, isn't it?
Mrs. Chocolate: Yes, it is! Have some chocolate cake!
Mrs. Grunt: Oh, thank you!
Miss Billabong: But where are your baby children and your husband, Margaret?
Mrs. Grunt: My three little children became ill, and Michael takes care of them. I told him that he must be here, but he didn't want me to stay at home.
Miss Billabong: I hope they get well soon.

Willie's sister, Wendy Bullrush tasted all the chocolate cakes. She liked them very much.

Wendy: Come, Willie! This fruit cakes look delicious!
Willie: I would like a slice of carrot cake first.

Wendy: This hot chocolate is fine!
Willie: Cheers!
Wendy: Look, Mr. Chocolate is coming to tell us who won the prizes!
Willie: Let's listen!

All the children were very excited. Teddy and Timmy Beagle listened to Mr. Chocolate together.

Mr. Chocolate: All of you were very good at catching ducks! I hope you enjoyed it. But there are some of you who won wonderful things! The first winner's gift is a little white bear. And the winner is...

Mr. Chocolate: ... Maisie Grunt! Congratulation!
Maisie: Thank you, Mr. Chocolate!
Cherry: Oh, how lucky girl!

Mr. Chocolate: The second winner gets a super locomotive! The winner is: Teddy Beagle! Congrats, Teddy!
Teddy: Thank you, Mr. Chocolate! I will give this toy to my little brother.
Cherry: Ohhh, how lucky guy!!!

Timmy: You are the best, Teddy! Thank you!

Mr. Chocolate: Our third winner is Mickey Grunt! Mickey, your gift is a wonderful sledge!
Mickey: Thank you! My little brothers and sisters will be happy, too!
Cherry: HOW lucky family...

Mr. Chocolate: That beautiful little bicycle is our last prize.  And the lucky one who won it is... Felix Flappers! Congratulations, Felix!
Cherry: Ohhhh, the bicycle...
Annabel: Don't cry, Cherry!

Felix: Thank you, Mr. Chocolate, but I would like to give this gift to little Cherry! She wanted it so much...
Cherry: Really??? You are so kind, Felix! Lucky me!!

Felix: Let me help you.
Cherry: Felix! You are the best!
Felix (smiled): Thank you, little Cherry!

The children went to play. Mickey enjoyed to slip down very much. Then he let the others trying it, too.

The adults went closer to the Christmas tree to say goodbye to Miss Billabong who moves to another village far away.

Mr. Chocolate: We would like to wish you the best in your new life. We hope you won't forget us. Please accept these gifts.

Miss Billabong: Thank you very much! I will always remember you, my dear friends! I will write you soon how things are going, and I hope you will visit me soon. Let's enjoy this last party together!

The party lasted for hours. Everybody had fun and Roger Wildwood took lovely pictures.

The bunny girls: Zara, Christiana and Roger's sister, Rose Wildwood.

The duck hunters: Felix, Teddy, Mickey and Willie.

The smallest ones around the tree: Timmy Beagle, Cherry, Annabel and Kevin Dante. And the new bicycle, of course!

The best friends forever: Margaret Grunt, Sheila Billabong and Charlotte Chocolate.

The ladies: Chelsea Chocolate, Zelda Periwinkle, Kate Dante, Mrs. Grunt, Miss Billabong, Mrs. Chocolate, Flora Flappers, Ramona Wildwood and Tallulah Beagle.

The gentlemen: Kristopher Dante, Zachary Periwinkle, Charles Chocolate, Bamboo Sifu and Roger Wildwood. (The picture was taken by Mrs. Wildwood.) 


To be continued... :)

2011. december 18., vasárnap

Oh, Christmas Tree

One week before Christmas, on a snowy Sunday Mr. Periwinkle decided to buy the Christmas tree!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Zara, my dear, go with Daddy and choose a beautiful tree for us!
Zara: All right, Mum, we will buy the most beautiful one! Bye!

 Mrs. Periwinkle: Here they are: the last year's decoration! Fortunately the glass balls didn't break.

Meanwhile Zara and Daddy carried the tree home.
Zara: We will have the most beautiful Christmas tree!
Mr. Periwinkle: Yes, Zara, you made a great choice!
Zara: Shall we decorate it today?
Mr. Periwinkle: If you would like.

Mrs. Periwinkle: Great job, my dear! This tree is beautiful!
Zara: Thank you, Mum! Oh, the glass balls! I would like to decorate now.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Daddy, would you like to help us?
Mr. Periwinkle: Of course!

 They made a long string from the glass balls and little candies. It was really long.

Then they put it on the tree. The result was lovely!
Zara: Beautiful! We have the most beautiful Christmas tree!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, we have, my dear!
Mr. Periwinkle: I like it!

It was the last Sunday evening before Christmas. Daddy lighted the fourth candle on the Advent's wreath. All the four candle were shining and they felt the joy of Christmas time.

To be continued... :)

2011. december 15., csütörtök

Stranger in Plumcake 2.

Willie, Teddy, Mickey and Felix followed the stranger who has just arrived at Plumcake with a big and heavy luggage! They followed him carefully in order to hide from him. They followed him to the other side of the village,  and stopped before Mr. Periwinkle (who helped the stranger carrying the luggage) said goodbye and went home.

Felix: This is an old wooden house.
Mickey: Is he going to live here?
Teddy: I think so.
Willie: Let's go and see him!

The old wooden door opened suddenly. The stranger looked out and said: Come in!

The guys entered in. The stranger wore orange robe and smiled at them.
Stranger: Welcome to my sanctuary. I noticed that you all followed me.
Willie: Sorry, Mr...
Stranger: I am Bamboo Sifu. I am a shaolin monk. Just call me Sifu. It means Master.

Willie: WOW! A real shaolin!
Teddy: Can you fight?
Bamboo Sifu (smiled): I am a warrior monk, but I don't need fighting.
Felix: What statues!

 Bamboo Sifu: This is the place where I can pray and meditate. This statue is Buddha, a saint. That is Damo, another saint, who brought our religion to China and tought the shaolin monks to became stronger.
Willie: Do you have weapons?
Bamboo Sifu (smiled again): Yes, I have weapons, but they haven't arrived yet.

 Mickey: And what is this chain?
Bamboo Sifu: This is my prayer chain.
Willie: How long...
Bamboo Sifu: It is too late now, your mother might be afraid you are not home yet. Let's go home, and come back to visit me whenever you like. I would be happy if I could tell you more about my religion and the martial art of shaolin.
Willie: Thank you, Sifu! We will come back soon!
Teddy, Felix, Mickey: Thank you, Sifu!
Bamboo Sifu: Amitabha! This is how we say goodbye.

To be continued... :)