2013. február 9., szombat

A Day Off

Kate Dante had a day off. She decided to enjoy it! But first, she made breakfast.

 Mr. Dante: Mmm... It smells delicious!

Then she woke the children.

She dressed them...
Annabel: I want to wear my fairy dress!

She fed them...
Mr. Dante: I have to go. Have a nice day, Darling!
Mrs. Dante: Thanks, my Dear!

After she took the kids to the nursery..
Mrs. Dante: I put order and I will read a book.

 And she put order...

 After completed up...

...and down...

She decided to go shopping.

 Then she prepared the lunch: vegetables...

 ... and meat.

Mr. Dante came home for lunch.
Mr. Dante: Do you have a great day today?
Mrs. Dante: Oh, sure...

Mr. Dante went back to school and Kate washed the dishes and the clothes...

It was time to bring home the children. Kate was playing with Annabel and Kevin when her husband came home after work.

Mr. Dante: Look, we have a guest this evening!
Mrs. Dante: Welcome, my dear friend!
Chelsea Chocolate: I will care of the children tonight!
Mrs. Dante: I don't understand it...

Chelsea went to play with the kids immediately.

Mr. Dante: I know, you had an exhausting day. Let me give you this bunch of flowers... and this tickets for a new movie.
Mrs. Dante: Oh, my Dear! You are the best!

It was the happy ending of Kate's day off.

To be continued... :)