2012. június 17., vasárnap

Grunt Holiday

On a sunny day the Grunt family decided to go hiking to celebrate the first day of school holidays! The parents brought the food, Maisie carried her accordion and Mickey was kicking the ball in front of him all the way. The baby triplets: Millie, Milo and Milton were very excited!

Mrs. Grunt: Look, it is a perfect place!
Milton: What is it?
Mickey: It is a fireplace.
Milo: But it is so hot today!
Mr. Grunt: It is for making lunch, boys.

Maisie: Come on, children, we can play football here!
Milton and Milo: Cool!
Millie: I would like to be in your team, Maisie!

Mr. Grunt: Let's go, Mickey, we have to find some boughs!
Mrs. Grunt: All right! Now, let's prepare for lunch!

 Mr. Grunt: It is perfect now. We have to cut some little ones, too.

Mickey: Mum, here is a stick for the fireplace.
Mrs. Grunt: Thank you, my dear!

Mr. Grunt: Can we join, children? Papa would like to play with you.
Milton: Hurray! Join to my team!
Milo: Oh, no! Join to mine!
Mr. Grunt: You, Mickey and Millie can be the second team, is that all right, Milo?
Milo: Okay! Come on, Mickey!
Millie: We will win!
Mrs. Grunt: Look, that is how we cook the bean soup.
Maisie: I would like to learn it, Mum! Should I stir it?
Mrs. Grunt: Of course, my dear.

After lunch the three little piglets went to sleep under a shadow of a large tree. Mr. Grunt and his wife had a little rest.
Maisie any Mickey went to climb a tall tree.
Maisie: Be careful, Mickey!
Mickey: Okay! The view is so beautiful from here!

In the evening they started to bake some bacon. Maisie was playing merry songs.

The night has come. It was a great day!

To be continued... :)

2012. június 13., szerda

Claire Fashion Show I.

/A story of my dear friend, Claire :)/

Mrs. Chocolate: Darling, you know it is a very special day.
Mr. Chocolate: Yes, Honey, it was twenty years ago... You were so beautiful! You were brighter than the snow  in your white dress. And more beautiful than anybody I have seen...
Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, Darling, you are so sweat!
Mr. Chocolate: I have a very special present for you on our twentieth anniversary! You remember we met at the Cherry Gallery, and today there is a fashion show there, so I bought two tickets for it.

Mrs. Chocolate: Oh, Darling! I can’t believe it! You are so generous!
She looked at the tickets: Claire’s Fashion Show! I am so excited!
Mr. Chocolate: Look, Darling, if you write your name on the ticket, you can win some dresses.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Claire’s Fashion Show! Let’s see the first dress. This cream-goldbrown dress is a perfect choice for afternoon social programs. The cream-coloured satin is decorated with gold-brown ruffle on the skirt and also on the bodice. The flowers on the top and on the ear are beautiful accessories.

But of course you might also need a coat when you wear this beautiful dress. Let us see what fits to this! This dark brown velour cape has the same decoration as the dress.

This Japan-inspirated dress is recommended for theatre or other evening program. The cream-colored silk evening gown is decorated with delicate gold embroidery.

If you visit your friends everybody will love this skirt and blouse. The dark blue velvet skirt is decorated with matching colour lace. The white madeira blouse fits perfectly.

If the weather gets colder you can use this dark blue lace cape.

 Imagine yourself on a hot summer night. In this lovely red dress you feel yourself as a Roman goddess.

And finally, as usual here comes the wedding dress. It is very elegant with its simplicity: just cream coloured satin and pearls.

To be continued... :)