2012. október 21., vasárnap

A Busy Day

It was early in the morning. Mrs. Grace Renard opened the renovated post office and went to care for the plants.

The first customer arrived soon.
Mrs. Renard: Good morning, Blanche!
Miss Buttercup: Good morning, Grace! I have a letter for my friend. I would like to send it with priority.
Mrs. Renard: It will arrive tomorrow.
Miss Buttercup: That is great. I would like to buy some envelopes, too.
Mrs. Renard: Here they are.
Miss Buttercup: Thank you! Come and see my fresh vegetables after work. I have some sweet grapes for you.
Mrs. Renard: My favorite! Thank you, Blanche, I will go in the evening. 
Miss Buttercup: See you later!

Mrs. Appleblossom was the second, she came with her daughter, Pepper.
Mrs. Appleblossom: Good morning, Grace! I have an urgent letter for the orpanage. I hope the adoption procedure is over and we can bring our new baby daughter home in a few days.
Mrs. Renard: Patrick will be happy to see his little sister again!
Mrs. Appleblossom: Yes, he is very excited! Oh, Grace, we will be so happy then!
Mrs. Renard: I wish you all the best for the future, Pandora.
Mrs. Appleblossom: Thank you, Grace! Good bye!

The next was Mickey Grunt. He would like to buy some stamps for his mother and some others for his collection.
Mrs. Renard: Here there are your stamps, Mickey.
Mickey: Thank you, Mrs. Renard! And I have a question, too: I am looking for a stamp with a blue ship. Is it available here?

Mrs. Renard: Do you mean Bluenose the blue schooner? I am sorry you can't buy it here. But if you want you can do an advertisement on the bulletin board. Maybe someone who is willing to sell the stamp from his collection will see it.
Mickey: Thank you, Mrs. Renard! It is a great idea!

 After a long and busy day Grace closed the windows... and the post office.

She had to go to buy some food for dinner.

First she went to the Norland Grocery Store. The owners, the Norland mouse couple welcomed her at the entrance.
Mr. Norland: Good evening, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Good evening!
Mrs. Norland: Good to see you there. We have some new products, take a look!
Mrs. Renard: Thank you, Urania! First I would like to buy a fish can.

Mr. Norland: We have some fresh fish and seafood. And here are tuna fillets in a family sized can.
Mrs. Renard: That is great, thank you.
Mr. Norland: I recommand this tomato sauce, too.
Mrs. Renard: All right, we will taste it!

 Mrs. Renard: Ah, strawberry milk! This is my children's favorite.

Mrs. Norland: Grace, let me intoduce Mrs. Amberstone. She is a beautician and we will sell her creams soon.
Mrs. Amberstone: Nice to meet you. My husband is a beekeeper and I make face and body creams with honey. Mr. and Mrs. Norland are so kind that they help us selling the honey and my makeups.
Mrs. Renard: Nice to meet you, that is great news! But please, call me Grace.
Mrs. Amberstone: My name is Noriko. 

After buying everything Grace went to the gift shop in the left side of the store.
Mrs. Periwinkle: Hello, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Zelda! I see you have new toys.
Mrs. Periwinkle: The Hello Kitty dolls have just arrived. I have some new books and parfumes, too.
Mrs. Renard: I think I will buy a Hello Kitty for my daughter. Christmas is coming!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Yes, it is! We will have a new cargo in a week. Please come back and take a look at the new items, too!
Mrs. Renard: I will, thank you, Zelda. I have to go now. Good bye!
Mrs. Periwinkle: Good bye, Grace!

At last Grace went to Miss Buttercup's Farm Shop.
Miss Buttercup: Hello, Grace!
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Blanche. Do you have any form that blue grapes?
Miss Buttercup: I saved some for you.
Mrs. Renard: You are so kind, Blanche. I would like some vegetables, too...

Miss Buttercup: So here there are grapes, pumpkins, bananas, some cucumber and a bunch of radish.
Mrs. Renard: All right, I think I have everything now. Thank you, Blanche.
Miss Buttercup: You are welcome. Have a nice evening, Grace!

Mrs. Renard went home. She was tired, because she had a busy day...

To be continued.... :)