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Miss Buttercup's Pen Pal

On the last day of November Mrs. Renard was alone in the post office. She used the new stamp of Plumcake: it was purple and formed a tiny muffin like on the flag of the village. Suddenly she heard something noisy.
Miss Buttercup run into the office. 
Mrs. Renard: Hello, Blanche! How are you? Is everything all right? 
Miss Buttercup: Hello, Grace! I am so excited! 
Mrs. Renard: What happened? 
Miss Buttercup: You know, I have an old friend, a pen pal. We met when we were little children. And today, he comes to meet again!
Mrs. Renard: So this will be the second time? Fantastic news!
Miss Buttercup: Because your husband is the driver, I came to ask you when the bus arrives?
Mrs. Renard: It will arrive in ten minutes. Grant will come here to go home together.
Miss Buttercup: So I have to go now! Bye-bye!
Mrs. Renard: Bye, Blanche! Have a nice afternoon!

Miss Buttercup was hiding in the bushes at the station when the bus arrived. She was a bit jumpy. There were many villagers but just one of them a stranger. A young bull got off last. He brought a bunch of flowers.

Miss Buttercup: Bud! Bud Barley! Welcome to Plumcake! Nice to meet you again!
Mr. Barley: Blanche? Blanche Buttercup? Hello, nice to meet you! Here, this is for you.
Miss Buttercup: Thank you, Bud! Beautiful flowers!
Mr. Barley: You are beautiful, too... Er... I mean... I hardly recognise you. 
Miss Buttercup: It was fifteen years ago, do you remember? 
Mr. Barley: You can not forget.
Miss Buttercup: Shall we go? I will show you my home.
Mr. Barley: That will be great!

And they went to Miss Buttercup's little cottage near the woods. Blanche made a cup of tea and they took place in the tiny living room.

Miss Buttercup: This is my favorite room in the cottage. I know it is a little bit girly... But I hope you don't mind.
Mr. Barley: It is really cosy. To tell the truth strawberry is my favorite fruit, too.

Miss Buttercup: In that case you will love this strawberry cake! It is from the Chocolate Patisserie.
Mr. Barley: Delicious! I must go there once.
Miss Buttercup: How long can you stay here in Plumcake? I would show you everything if you would like!
Mr. Barley: I reserved a room in a hotel near here, so I think I can stay a few days.
Miss Buttercup: Great news! I am so happy to see you!
Mr. Barley: Me, too! I expected a funny little girl with huge bows on her ears and what I see now is a pretty young lady!
Miss Buttercup: Oh, I am blushing... And you are no longer that little boy in his Indian headdress with many long colourful feathers...
Mr. Barley (smiling): I think I will have a wonderful week here!

They just talked and talked... And they were very happy together.

To be continued... :)

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  1. Many thanks for the awesome tiny stamp and letters to my dear friend, Iringó! :)

  2. What a cute story! I'm looking forward to the next episode! Bud is very handsome! xo Jennifer

  3. Hello, Kate!
    Oh what lovely story! It's so nice that Blanche could meet her friend again! I'm forward to see more!

    1. Hello Mariana! Thanks a lot! :) Hugs from Plumcake :)

  4. Ooooooooo! Could love be in the air? LOL!
    Great story and I love Bud!


    1. Of course, it could be the beginning of a beautiful love story - we will see ;)
      I am glad You like him - me too! :)

  5. Brilliant Love Story! Can't wait for the rest!

  6. Great story! That strawberry living room of yours is gorgeous!

  7. Hi again, Kate!
    If you wish you can visit my blog, I have one award to you!
    Mini hugs,